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I am a 45 year old woman. 5'4" tall and weighed 228 lbs ( now 222 ) I live in East Tennessee in the country on 7.5 acres with my husband. He is doing food lovers with me.  =)  My 20 yr old daughter and her fiance live with us and I help her get to and from work. My 17 year old daughter and her baby live with us also. My grandson will be 2 in July. She is rarely here though, always with her baby daddy. Both of my girls work at Pal's.  I have another daughter, 21, she is in Memphis, TN with her husband. I miss her terribly. My son is 24 and has a 4 year old daughter. I love being a Mamaw.  I hope to get thinner and healthier with this lifestyle change.

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  •  sngglybear: 
    6-3-14 I am doing better this week. =) Last week was a tough one. I had a very bad menstral cycle last week. I have not had a bad month in a long time. I had no energy, alot of pain and just generally felt horrible all week. So, being sick I had trouble eating at all let alone every 2-3 hours. I didn't gain any weight and actually still lost 1 pound. So, back at it this week. Feeling better and eating the best I can on a few groceries this week. I do so love that this program is able to be followed even when you don't have the money to go to the store and buy the best food stuffs. I can still make the best choices with what I have in the cabinet. Also, I am very thrilled to have finally found some dehydrated cane juice and my coffee finally tastes like my coffee. Hope you all have the bestest food lovers week. =)
     1657 days ago 
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  •  sngglybear: 
    5-23-14 Hi Hi everyone =) Day 4 of Food Lovers for Life. I haven't been online cuz I lost my computer which means my daughter came and took her computer lol. But, my other daughter lent me hers so here I am. I am doing well. I finished the 21 day metabolism makeover and am still very encouraged and excited. In total I've lost 10 pounds and almost 15 inches =) Yeehaw I'm thrilled. I am following strategy 1 unless we go out to eat or a bbq or something then I follow strategy 2. It is working for me and I'm loving it. I'm actually buying smaller clothes although my 1st instinct is to get the 3x still instead of the 2x cuz I still can't hardly believe it's going to fit me. I actually left the store the other day without buying the shirt I went to buy cuz I just couldn't get my mind to buy the smaller shirt so I left without it. Ha Ha what a problem to have huh? Have a great day and you all are in my prayers.
     1668 days ago 
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  •  sngglybear: 
    5-12-14 Day 15 of 21 MM *I have been so crazy busy these past few days. Have struggled with getting snacks and meals in on time - again lol but I am still doing the very best I can and I am feeling good. Hope you have a great day.
     1679 days ago 
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  •  sngglybear: 
    5-5-14 This is day 12 for me on the 21 day MM. I am doing well. My scheduale has been very hectic and I have been late by 1/2 hr or so getting snacks or meals into me but I do the best I can. Still feeling good but not getting on the scale is a struggle. I can almost hear it calling me from the bathroom "Oh Jonna - I'm in here waiting for you - you know you want to." So far I've been able to ignore but it is difficult lol.

    I am having trouble with the acceptable sugars. So far I have tried the truvia - which I do like - but I need 2 packets to get my coffee sweet enough. I have tried the pure cane sugar, xyletol and coconut sugars which has the same glycemic index as the xyletol as far as I can tell. It seems I have to use quite a bit to sweeten my coffee the same as regular sugar. The xyletol can cause diarhea so I need to be careful with that one lol. I will keep experimenting and figure it out. Have a great day everyone. I hope to see you at chat tonight.
     1682 days ago 
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  •  sngglybear: 
    5-5-14 Day 8 of 21 day MM I'm doing ok today. I am sometimes half an hour or so off the snack/meal scheduale. But I just keep plugging along. I'm feeling pretty good and still having wonderful "excersice" sessions lol. I am trying to be really creative with meals and trying new thngs. I tried putting the raw kale in my smoothie. It wasn't too bad lol. I will do it again haha. Thats better than what I've said about other foods. Have a great day tomorrow everyone and keep it up. We can do this.
     1685 days ago 
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