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It's My Turn
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It's My Turn ...

Sing to me Diana

I will be Healthier
By God's Grace and Mercy I will succeed at getting to 200lbs!
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  •  roffylove: 
    Hello dear,

    my name is Roffina,i saw your profile here and become interested in knowing you

    please reply me at my private email ID( that i can tell you

    more about myself and also send you my pictures
     1920 days ago 
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  •  smaria63: 

    Beginning Week Three (3) of FLFL..

    Good Morning Everybody!

    I'm beginning Week Three (3), of Food Lovers for Life. I weighed in this morning at 327 pounds.

    I lost less than a pound. I did lose 15.75 inches (4.25 from thighs; 4 from hips; 1 from waist;

    3 from the biceps; and other minors areas..). Will check in later..


    Norrie (Smaria)
     2005 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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  •  smaria63: 
    Sorry to be MIA for the pass ten days.

    I was in Philadelphia visiting my parents for Mother's day.

    Mom is 87 and dad is 99.

    I was on plan the first two days, but not the rest. I gained

    about four pounds and my ankles and legs were swollen (full of

    fluid). They (legs and ankles) have gone down a lot since I've

    been home. I got home on Monday the 19th. I'll weigh myself

    this Sunday, and see if this water weigh is gone. This week

    would have been my third week on the FLFL Strategy #2.

    Since I was off plan last week, I have been following week two

    this week. That seems the most logical thing to do.

    What do you think?

    Getting back on track fast.


    Norrie (Smaria)
     2010 days ago 
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  •  smaria63: 
    I'll be ready. Making coffee, and will have a yogurt right now. I need to eat something within 30 minutes of waking up. I'll have breakfast at 10:am. Chat later..
     2027 days ago 
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  •  somewherenthesun: 
    Are you ready to do this 21 day mm with me? I've got all my stuff out and listened to cd for tomorrow. Talk to you then.
     2027 days ago 
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