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I'm here to learn how to conquer my weight lost and reach my destiny to take my life back. I'm happily married, just had a 29th anniversary June 2, 2015.

We have four lovely kids and all of them are my support team. They are all adults and two of them has given us two lovely and energetic grandchildren!

I'm an ordained minister and hold a 5th degree masters black belt in Shotokan Karate. About 2 years ago I recently stop teaching while in my powered wheelchair to start working on my health.

I've been in a powered wheelchair for five years but my goal is to reverse that this year or at the beginning of 2016!

My wife and I both are members of Lifetime Athletic Gym and we workout in the pool and some land four to five times a week.

I also love network marketing, growing teams and coaching others how to build teams the right way to create an extra income working from home.  

I would like to connect with those that have an interest to become my support buddy so we can make this work together and share good things!

 To Your Success,

Paul Thacker


As of June 7, 2015 I'm on day 2 of the 21 day metabolism program. From December 2014 I've lost approximately 80lbs on my own so I'm looking to do greater with this program.

I'm on a pill for migraines but it also suppress your appetite.

My doctor started me on them to help reduce my weight because my carbon dioxide had risen too high and I recently just got discharged from the hospital from that same issue which is very dangerous!

My short term goal is to rid my body of 100lbs in the next 3 months!!

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