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I am 48 years old.  I have two grown kids who are 24 and 21.  I have been with my best friend, Jack, for 29 years and married for 27 of those.

I believe in this program, that it works.  I am proof.  It wasn't hard, and I never felt deprived.  I still don't.   It's a very do-able program that will yield results whether its weight or inches!

I am excited to share my story today. We are all here together, on this site, for a common purpose.We are on a journey to lose weight, inches, and to get healthy. My personal weight journey has been from end of the scale to the other, literally.I never had a problem with weight growing up.I was always active.After I graduated High School, I developed an eating disorder.I didn't eat or take care of myself.Physical standards of the day dictated extreme thin. At 21 I was 90 pounds and wearing a girl’s size 12 or a junior 0. I was anorexic. Even when I was pregnant later with my kids, I only gained 30 pounds with each one and lost the baby weight in a reasonable time. It wasn't until my 30’s I had issues with weight gain.Looking back, I would have to say it was a combination of things.Lifestyle, health, and not really understanding what was going on with me and my body.Medically I had a few issues. I was diagnose with Fibromyalgia and I was being treated with medication, prednison, for Asthma and breathing issues. I found myself gaining weight at an alarming rate. It didn't help that my eating habits were poor. I either didn't eat or when I did I ate unhealthy, or excessive.Fast food was quick and easy on the go with kids.Let face it somewhere in the 90’s super size happen, and that didn't help.I found myself super sized physically. I didn't realize what I was doing or the path it was leading up to.Until… In February of 2011 I had a scare.I had been on blood pressure medication, but one day, after lunch with friends I was having trouble seeing.Everything was like looking thru a kaleidoscope of white and colorful prisms.My blood pressure, even on medication, was 183 over 160….My doctor had a cow and laid it down pretty hard.I was stroking out and changes needed to be made.I would like to say that I straightened up then and there, but I didn't.I just modified a little.I quit drinking caffeine and lightened up on the salt, but that was it. So I was content for a year.I never really looked myself.I quit looking in mirrors. They lied, I didn't want to see what I looked like.I would get ready in the morning and I would put my make up on and think I didn't look bad. I would buy bigger clothes, every season… It’s funny how your mind allows you to see yourself, I was fooling myself.It wasn't until I saw myself in pictures that I would say that can't be me.I don't look like that…. In March of 2012, I had a defining moment when finally the light went on for me how people saw me.Without going into great detail, I got a phone call at work.There were two of us with the name, Beth, and my boss asked for Beth…. The person, who answered, didn't mean anything bad by what she said but she asked which Beth, the big Beth or the little Beth. It hit me then, the absolute definition of how someone else saw me.It rocked me hard.I didn't want to believe what I had become, but it’s hard to dispute the truth, when it was truth….. I started thinking…. Not doing just thinking.My journey began in April of 2012.My husband was getting ready for work one Saturday morning.Did you ever notice the infomercial's on Saturday Morning? 9 out of 10 will be about weight loss miracles or magic exercise equipment, or these things you put on your body to make the fat go away. It’s so entertaining.I loved watching these things, maybe because I was hoping on that next quick fix that was easy. This particular morning I flipped to a channel that was in the middle of its presentation.I heard this person say, I eat whatever I want all day long.My favorite foods, even wine and chocolate cake!Seriously you can have your cake and lose weight too?Right…. So now I am ready to debunk what their saying.As the program went on, I was looking at these pictures of people, listening to them talk about how they transformed.What they were saying made sense, but it was unbelievable.Eating every 2 ½ to 3 hours all day long up to an hour before you go to bed.Eating real food you and your family can eat, nothing special to buy.You will lose up to this much weight or they would give you your money back. Now this is sounding good, a challenge. What do I have to lose?The weight or my money back.Sounded too good to be true, so I ordered it.A week later my box arrived.I have to say I was excited.I had stewed on being “Big Beth” I was going to make a change.I was going to show myself I could do this.We also had a trip planned, in the summer just two months away, to see my son who is in the Army, graduate his program in June. I hoped that I would lose some weight so he would notice.I wanted to make my husband and kids proud of me.I wanted to respect myself again. So I ordered Food Lover's. The day I received my Food Lover's I was feeling a whole lot of emotions, Excitement, curiosity, fear and hope. I open the box….My first thought when I saw everything was….oh crap how am I going do this...what have I gotten myself into…where do I begin.Then I saw this CD case that said START HERE and I did. I am not going to kid you, I was intimidated but as I listened to the cd, listening to Robert Ferguson with his positive manner and soothing voice I began to assemble my red book/journal I knew there was going to be a change, and the time was now. I started my first week on the program April 29 2012, a seven day size down that I followed completely.I was learning how to eat and cook healthier.I was restarting my metabolism, and it was crazy.I ate all the time.The difference no skipping meals, eating snacks every 2 ½ to 3 hours. Drinking water.I was putting my body on a schedule, and I was feeling better.I was learning how to eat Protein, Fast Carbs, Slow Carbs and at the end of the 7 days I had lost 12 pounds and 13 ½ inches! My clothes were feeling loose!I was not taking any diet aids or anything to enhance loss.It was just real food and how I ate it. I was satisfied, and it wasn't that difficult. Change is hard, don't get me wrong, but this was do-able.Even my husband was eating what I was eating and it was good!Something important, before I started this I did take this to my Doctor to get the go ahead that I could do this.She looked over the material and gave me the okay.She said she had a gentleman who had done this program and he had phenomenal results.It was the only time she had seen this.Like me he had a lot of health issues. He not only lost the weight he continued to lose and kept the weight off. I then went into the second phase of the program.A 21 day plan where you change one thing every day of how you eat.It was so educational. I learned so much.I started to learn how to eat portionally, identify healthy choices when buying food.Learning how to read labels and ingredients to make sure what I was putting in my body was healthy.I learned healthy isn't always healthy just because it says so. I learned how to shop and meal plan and fit it into my schedule.It was amazing what you can do with a plan!It didn't allow you to weigh until the end of the 21 days.When I did weight again I had lost another 17 pounds.So there was 29 pounds gone in just 28 days! My husband was as amazed as I.I couldn't wrap my mind around how I was eating yet losing.I wasn't hungry, I was really satisfied! It wasn't that difficult.The hard part was throwing out all the bad habits, or what I thought to be correct out the door.I was being reprogrammed on how to eat correctly.Oh did I mention, my clothes were really getting baggy and not fitting properly?A week into the 21 day challenge I started to incorporate exercise into my routine.I had two 10 minute workouts to choose from, toning & sculpting, as well as a 24 minute tone and burn and a 36 minute Cardio Kick boxing.Not only was the exercise important for toning up but it was essential in keeping my body in fat burning mode.I felt energetic and fantastic when I worked out.I also found out I really enjoyed Cardio Kickboxing! I was dedicated to move and this was essential to my loss. My next phase was the maintenance part three weeks of maintaining what I learned and learning more to be able to continue to lose successfully.I continued losing and by the time I was to see my son graduate in Late June I was at 49 pounds lost.I went from a 3x to a size 16/18.My son did notice. Another huge mile marker for me was breaking the weight of 200 pounds.Just dropping below that number was a huge boost! By September 28th I was at 92 pounds lost and closing in on the 100 pound marker. Then on December 23rd I hit my 100 pound weight loss point! It was a Merry Christmas!Both my kids came home for Christmas and both were shocked in the transformation.I even went to see my Doctor and she was so pleased at the results. When I was at the front desk, she walk by me without speaking. She looked right at me and walked on by. When she came into my room she stopped and her mouth dropped open. She kept saying, "Oh my, look at you!" She didn't know it was me when I was at the front desk! =D She also told me I was her inspiration. OH and they have adjusted my Blood Pressure meds down and it looks like I may be off them very soon! It has been great to run into people that haven't seen me in awhile. Some people have looked at me and walked by only to turn around and realize who I am. The comments are all the same, "Oh my gosh what are you doing? You look great!" As of today I am at 105 pounds lost. I have went from a size 3x to a size 12/14. I have 23 pounds to go to get to the goal weight that I set! Thank you Food Lovers, I am going to keep on keeping on! After reflecting on my journey, someone had asked me what advice you would give someone who was losing weight.I thought about it and this is what I came up with.Find a program that you love and works best for you. Food Lovers was it for me! Be forgiving of yourself.You didn't get to your current point overnight; things happen so don't beat yourself up.STAY POSITIVE. Most important BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT!

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    Your success is such an inspiration! I'm from a small town not too far from you (Danville, IL). I'm hoping some of your determination and success will blow my direction! :-)
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