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After years and years of stressing over dieting, I am going to try something a little less so.  Having weighed too near to 300 lbs than I like, and having maintained for a while, and starting a new job next month, I have decided to establish a new routine!

This looks manageable enough! 

So, I am going with this method, which reminded me of Larry North and his 5x/day idea and his 7 Day SizeDown. 

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  •  maremare: 
    wow.... I have not been here since I started my new job! I am sorry for anyone trying to reach me. Turns out I spend a lot of days in areas with ZERO internet or cell signal!!! I love the job!!!!!! It does make things interesting, and now that I feel a little more used to the new routine, I am ready to art over, so to speak! I am pulling out the books and planning. Life on a towboat is SO different, and SO interesting! The days fly by, and then when I come home things get a little crazy. I soak up hugs like a maniac to hold me over for the days I am gone. I am gone much more than I am home so far, and each day is spent trying to create healthy, balanced, and delicious meals and snacks for around 10 men. Some of them need every calorie I can pack into them and the others all want to scale back a little (or a lot) to watch the issues that creep up when they become less active. It's a challenge, b ut they are happy so far! Now to get back to taking care of myself.....
     1861 days ago 
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  •  kamarshall: 
    Hello maremare!
    It is a gorgeous day in the south. I am feeling great and loving FL. I am on day 14 and I need a buddy. I would love to be your buddy. I wish you great success as well.
    Let's keep in touch.
     1981 days ago 
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