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HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's a great time to reset your metabolism.  Join the group for the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover.  It doesn't matter if you are new to the community or been here a while like myself, this is for you!  You can reset your metabolism to burn fat instead of storing it by making small sensi…
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56 days ago · From JackieD
I have food allergies and I know I'm not the only one. I personally am allergic to Wheat Germ, Soy & Cows Milk which makes following any weight loss program difficult. I have high hopes for this one since it is variable. Hopefully we can help each other find alternate sources to get the same res…
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Oakley, United States
165 days ago · From PinkCakeLady65
This 21 Day Metabolism Makeover is for anyone just beginning or anyone needing to tune up where they are on the journey.  We will begin August 10th.  I will post a summary and tips here in the group and I ask that you PLEASE comment and ask questions pertaining to the group in this section so we can…
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COOKEVILLE, United States
206 days ago · From JackieD
This group is to help newcomers find a FLFL Buddy.
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United States
239 days ago · From terriehall12
Join the Exercise Challenge.  We will begin Friday June 17th.  Post any activity/exercise you do for 12+ minutes.   You don't have to run a marathon...just a simple walk or any continued activity can be logged.  At the end - June 30th the one that has logged the most and moved the most will receive …
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256 days ago · From JackieD
Our next challenge will be BREAK the FAST.  (Breakfast)  On Day 3 of the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover we learn how important breakfast is when it comes to losing weight.  It is recommended that you eat within the hour of waking for the day.  We will be eating within 30-60 min. of waking.  If a meal is…
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283 days ago · From JackieD
The idea of this group challenge is to encourage and motivate each of us to get our water intake up this week.  Water is an important factor in good health AND weight loss.  What ever your "norm" has been up to this point....the goal is to increase that amount.  Sign up and check in daily to hold yo…
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United States
292 days ago · From JackieD
Hello All, I see we have no group for Spring, 2016 "21 Day Start Up Group", so I'm starting one. 
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New Jersey, United States
308 days ago · From Angelbug
Gluten contains a combination of 2 Proteins that are present in Cereal grain, especially wheat.  The two Proteins are Glutelin (Glutenin) and Gliadin.  Gliadin is a glycoprotein (combination of carbohydrates and protein).  Gliadin in Gluten causes some of the best examples of food derived pathogens …
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Blue Ridge, United States
374 days ago · From JacobDO77
This group is for anyone who wants to make 2016 THE YEAR to live a healthier, leaner life. Here we will offer our support; talk about our challenges and successes; and share ideas and stories with one another. When we "have each other's back", we can achieve our goals, one step at time....together!!…
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United States
389 days ago · From Bethatg01
Are you new to Food Lovers, have the home kit or online version and are looking for a reason to start (or start again)? This 21 Day Metabolism Makeover group begins Jan. 2. Become a fan, join and follow along, it's only 21 days until the new you!
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United States
436 days ago · From FL_Admin
Hi everyone! I'm new to Food Lovers but I would love to connect with others who are restricted to gluten-free diets. I would love to share snack ideas and recipes.
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United States
504 days ago · From Cdixon
Let's help each other change our lives this summer! I know I could use some help and encouragement and I would like to help others achieve their goals. I am starting tomorrow and hope to have lost 15 pounds by the middle of August -first short term goal. I hope there are others who have discovered F…
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Colorado Springs, United States
624 days ago · From smhcolo
Hi Everyone, I just received my kit and I'm looking for some ladies in my area to start a support group.  Any Southern California ladies out there?
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Lakeside, United States
763 days ago · From pcs0316
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