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31 days ago · From dorgendtris88
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33 days ago · From retuli74
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33 days ago · From walgardlas71
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33 days ago · From liavaga71
HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's a great time to reset your metabolism.  Join the group for the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover.  It doesn't matter if you are new to the community or been here a while like myself, this is for you!  You can reset your metabolism to burn fat instead of storing it by making small sensi…
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116 days ago · From JackieD
This 21 Day Metabolism Makeover is for anyone just beginning or anyone needing to tune up where they are on the journey.  We will begin August 10th.  I will post a summary and tips here in the group and I ask that you PLEASE comment and ask questions pertaining to the group in this section so we can…
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COOKEVILLE, United States
266 days ago · From JackieD
This group is to help newcomers find a FLFL Buddy.
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United States
299 days ago · From terriehall12
Hello All, I see we have no group for Spring, 2016 "21 Day Start Up Group", so I'm starting one. 
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New Jersey, United States
368 days ago · From Angelbug
Gluten contains a combination of 2 Proteins that are present in Cereal grain, especially wheat.  The two Proteins are Glutelin (Glutenin) and Gliadin.  Gliadin is a glycoprotein (combination of carbohydrates and protein).  Gliadin in Gluten causes some of the best examples of food derived pathogens …
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Blue Ridge, United States
434 days ago · From JacobDO77
This group is for anyone who wants to make 2016 THE YEAR to live a healthier, leaner life. Here we will offer our support; talk about our challenges and successes; and share ideas and stories with one another. When we "have each other's back", we can achieve our goals, one step at time....together!!…
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United States
449 days ago · From Bethatg01
Are you new to Food Lovers, have the home kit or online version and are looking for a reason to start (or start again)? This 21 Day Metabolism Makeover group begins Jan. 2. Become a fan, join and follow along, it's only 21 days until the new you!
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United States
496 days ago · From FL_Admin
Let's help each other change our lives this summer! I know I could use some help and encouragement and I would like to help others achieve their goals. I am starting tomorrow and hope to have lost 15 pounds by the middle of August -first short term goal. I hope there are others who have discovered F…
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Colorado Springs, United States
684 days ago · From smhcolo
Hi Everyone, I just received my kit and I'm looking for some ladies in my area to start a support group.  Any Southern California ladies out there?
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Lakeside, United States
823 days ago · From pcs0316
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