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Fasting or denying oneself particular foods for a set period of time towards a goal or aim is a very powerful method of drawing and controlling a particular energy type. When a specific food is chosen to represent a goal or desire and is purposely omitted from the diet, its absence becomes a potent reminder ofyour goal, for each timeyou findyourself craving that food,your mind is brought back to the purpose at hand. As the craving grows over the days, so too does the energy which may be finally released and used to power a love spell towards the achievement of the goal at the end of the fast. It is important, however, that you never omit a food essential for normal health. MaiGaZ HcrfeaZ Teas Many of the herbs used in love spells are also of great use as herbal teas. Taking the power of an enchanted herb into your body is one of the most powerful ways of working magie with herbs. (read information)

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