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Still have to complete my profile. I promise I will, I've been busy and haven't found the time yet. Trying to get adjusted to keeping up with my life and this program. I am maintaining it well just have to find time now to journal and blog. :0) 

Seize the Day! Dum vivimus vivamus...While we live, let us live!
I will be Healthier
It's My Turn
I WILL reach my goal!
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  •  smaria63: 
    Hi Kwade!

    Welcome aboard! Food Lovers is the way to go if you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We all have problems in some way sticking to our weight loss goals. The support here is phenomenal! Post any questions you have to the Message Board, Blogs, or someone on your friends list. Someone will promptly answer your questions, or direct you to where to get them answered.

    Make sure you read and fill in the Rapid Results journal. (Body measurements, composition analysis, weight, etc.)

    Good luck on your weight loss journey. The FL community will be with you at every step of the way.. Have a great day! Write anytime..

     1350 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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  •  kwade: 
    Hey back at ya Mart! :0)

    Thanks for accepting my friend request. Awww...thanks a bunch for the lovely compliments!!

    Thanks for welcoming me!!! It's because of people like you that give me the confidence that I can do this! I'm never consistent with much of anything but this forum seems like it will keep me going and finishing strong!!

    I just got my FLFL kit recently and planned on starting Monday so it worked out perfectly that they are starting the group on that exact day.

    I enjoyed reading through your profile. Great stuff! Keep up the fabulous work on this new lifestyle journey!!

    Thanks, will do! Hope your day is amazing!! God bless your sweet spirit!!!

     1355 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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  •  Mart: 
    Hi, Kwade!

    Thank you for the friend request. LOVE your photos! You look beautiful! Love that radiant smile!

    Welcome to the Food Lovers family!

    When did you start? Where are you in the program? Are you thinking of joining the 21-day MM group that's starting on Monday? That would be a great support.

    Hope you have a great FL day! God bless!

    Mart :)
     1355 days ago 
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