still hungry
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Hi, I'm still hungry after 30 minutes of eating my meals and snacks and I eat every 2.5 - 3 hours

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I usually drink filtered water 16oz beer glass BEFORE my snack and meals..this helps fill me up..

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I find that I'm sometimes hungry quickly, like you are, if I haven't had enough protein.   Try having a large 16 oz. glass of water with your meal and drink all of it during the meal.   You could also add a free veggie salad to help fill yourself up, too, but foremost make sure you're eating enough and enough protein.   Hope this helps.   deb

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Are you sure you are eating enough? I have never been hungry on this program and I've done it many times. I've been successful, I just fall off the really works so don't worry about how many times I've tried. Are you cooking the recipes and freezing for individual quick items to have on hand for a good meal? There are all kinds of great things to cook ahead to have available. You shouldn't be hungry. Let me know how you're doing.

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I was eating all the recommended servings and I stuck to the recipes they gave. I drink so much water I have to go to the bathroom constantly. I don't know. I couldn't keep up with the 2-3 hours so I'm off track again. I have to start over again. :( thank you all for you input

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If you're still hungry, you might try going gluten free. I noticed eating wheat really stimulated my appetite. When I don't eat gluten, I'm not hungry.

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Like Deb (Sgiglass) mentioned, not getting enough protein will cause you to feel hungry quicker.  Protein keeps you feeling fuller and satisfied longer.  Up the protein in your snacks- make them accelerator snacks 7grams of protein or more and see if that helps.  Keep in mind...until your body adjusts....your metabolism burning can make you feel hungry too and that's a good thing!  Join us in the chats and we will help you along the way.