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I have a few favorites for breakfast.  The important thing is to be sure and get 15 or more grams of protein and a fast and slow carb.  I do oatmeal often...I take a very deep bowl and 1/2 c. raw oats and 2 cups of water.  Cook it on high for 3 1/2-4 minutes.  It will swell up a lot giving you a large bowl but the calories are the same.  I add either a side of egg whites or use a protein powder in the oats then add berries and a few nuts.  Another favorite is 1 c. plain greek yogurt (protein) sweetened w/ stevia and add strawberries (slow carb) 1 banana (fast carb) - cut the fruit up and add to the w/ a few a mock banana split.  Another is whole grain waffles for fast carb and either 1 c. greek yogurt or 3-4 egg whites for protein and a cup of berries.  You could swap the waffles for cinnamon toast using whole wheat or sour dough bread.  My go to cereal is Kashi or Nature's Path...when I have cereal I add a side of egg whites or add protein powder to my cereal and berries.  Hope this gives you some ideas.  Join our weekly chats for more tips!  


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KarenT I will certainly pass this on to Admin.  I do know that this last week there was a power outage that caused the delay and prior they had corrected the issue but with the outage it delayed them once again.  I have a reminder on my phone  - I've been hosting the chats for a few years now and I always have a fear of forgetting...that would be bad if the moderator was missing in action.  lol  I hope they can address the issue and you can join us next week.  Thanks for letting me know.

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Grandmagege would love to have you in the chat!   It begins at 7:30 central.  Don't worry if you aren't right on can come and go as you please.  I would recommend you go to the chat room now and get familiar with the can try it out.  Hope to see you!