serious about sticking...............
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how many of you men or women are really serious about this plan? I mean, how many has started and finished at least 12 x's a diet from Nutrisytem to JC and WW to working your butt off OUCHIE!!!! you did it . you were happy and then BAM!!!! something happened. Divorce, death, age, health?... anyone else?

I am here to say YES to all the above and would like to know if there is anyone out there that is willing to join me in my travels and journey as I try to loose this s100 lbs. I need friends that understand what it means to 'change'. ones that are not afraid to 'have faith' not afraid to expose themselves to 'encouraging comments even though it might show I was wrong but ONLY in my understanding of something, not wrong as a person.' Women who are not demeaning, judgmental but want to change their lives, like me. I read all the post and see 'help' but i really haven't read or FOUND the area of we are doing this together.  I am skeptical of 'groups or friends because of the world and it's creepy people out there but I am doing this for my family, my kids, my husband and ME! I want to be a better person both INSIDE and out. the inside is easy to change but the outside I am having trouble with thus.... FLFL system! anyone else want to share with me? walk with me ( not physically or maybe, can you walk on skype? lol) but someone who is willing to say " hey, hows it going today, any troubles with the program or foods or confused anywhere? especially these first few days and weeks. I started a week ago and didn't understand food OR A SNACK, every 2-3 hours.. so I was eating 1.5 hours.. no wonder I didn't loose,, but I stayed with it... so now I understand more I need back up... anyone interested? I am a grandma, a mom of 5 and my husband just came through cancer and we are dealing with my daughter in law and her cancer. My son , her husband is USN Corpsman and is holding strong but mom is doing everything short of falling apart.....ok.. I said my piece... I know this is not a 'counseling program BUT people would not be here if they didn't have similar issue that caused them to 'emotionally get addicted to food'... right?.... 


serious about STICKING....

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Welcome to the FLFLS community!  I was searching and trying so many "diets" before I found this lifestyle.  That was in 2009.  I have been here ever since and I love this community and the support I found here early on made a big impact on my success.  Join me tonight (Tuesday) at 7:30 central in the chat room.  We meet 2x a week to share our journey and ask questions.  Message me here any time if I can be of help.  Stay connected and create a will help keep you accountable to yourself and other.  Keep us posted on your journey.


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won't be able to be in the chat on tues at 7:30 already have a commitment at that time.. any other times?

i am so used to eating dairy as a good protein and not a fat. I am still struggling with snacks.. I have stayed away from carbs and when I binged it was on 'carbs' snacks bars, crackers, even protein bars.. I could I've on them but now I Have to eat them and the stuff you make for muffins, cookies.. it's all so confusing that I should eat this stuff as as snack? I really need help on snacks but am so afraid of eating all the 'cookies, chips, muffins, even bars' that you offer... I have had to stay away from all that for so long i.e. most of my life and what do I eat with these things to make them a 'good acceptable snack?" 

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It's hard to break the diet mentality.  I was fearful in the beginning that I was eating too many carbs...but I decided to follow the system and trust it and it worked!  As far as snacks go...if you are on the 21 Day metabolism makeover you need to be a label detective and watch for the refined flours and sugars.  That would be my first make sure they are under 250 calories.  Keep in mind that not all protein bars are equal.  You want to check the label for any hidden sugars and be sure the calories are in range...250 or less.  My favorites are Luna, Clif, Quest and Kind.  I also do plain Greek yogurt for snack and add my own fruit and nuts.  

There will be another cat on Thursday evening 7:30 central.  Hope you can make it.  Norman will be in the chat room to answer questions and offer ideas.

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ok... so today I put in 1 c. spaghetti I had left  over. Barilla is high protein and I didn't want to waste it BUT it wouldn't let me put in the 'chicken as a protein but it would let me do beef???? I don't get it? beef is MORE FAT is it not? 

I tried to do tuna salad.. no way..I look at the pictures of food and put in 'those foods' no way. what am I doing wrong.\\problem.. 

I am having a hard time putting combinations together without taking 10 more minutes of my time to find what i have in the refrigerator to fix and put together the will be a 'acceptable FL plate'. PLUS it says, 'carb too big or too small.. but most of them just say, "serving' in the drop down. Now, some do give a place to put in oz but then I have to go down the list of number until I hit the 'accepted number'. eyeing is NOT working. I do not eat packaged things, didn't raise my kids on them either. we have six raised garden beds, can foods, and eat totally healthy for the most part... then? why do you ask  am I here. 'emotional gorging' on carbs, cookies, ice cream when things go wrong I eat.. but I would only eat ONE THING.. like a BIG plate of spaghetti (Italian i am ) and nothing else. or steak a big 10 oz TBONE with maybe a salad.. you see.. IF I bake which I do allot during holiday.. Love using different flours, only used unbleached when I used white flour, but WW and low carb baking mix from Bob Mills i like. so... to find these combinations in your recipe book they mostly look like many things together. Like: easy bake egg and potato frittata. why can't I put in all the ingredients separately because I don't do it exactly how you have it in the recipe... and it says NOT A FAT LOSS PLATE... I am do you get a FL plate with bacon, FAT, cheddar cheese F, potatoes FC and eggs SC? I don't get it.... I can put in EGGS, Cheese, Bacon and onion and it will NOT let me have a FL PLATE....