portion size differences?
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I noticed that the 7 day sizedown states to have 1 cup of the sizedown stew for women, however when I enter this into the online journal it states the serving size is too small. Which is right? 2 cups is what the journal tells me to have, however this is a lot of food!

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The 7-Day SizeDown is a more restrictive program and the online eating journal is set for the regular 21-Day Metabolism Makeover and Foodlover for Life portions of the program.  

If you are actually doing the 7-Day SizeDown, use the one cup portion.  However, if you are doing 21-Day MM or Foodlove for Life, up the serving size to whatever the Fat Loss Plate allows .... I believe you can have 1-1/2 cups for both of those.   

Hope this helps.  


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Ok thanks Deb, I will keep in mind then that the 7 day sizedown portions will not be the same as what the online journal would 'approve' of.