getting new weightloss recipies
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Welcome back, Homebound!  One way you can find recipes is to do the online version.  Food Lovers offers a free trial period.  While there you can go to the "Menu Planner" and the online version will actually create your meals and offer you recipes for each.  It also gives you an option to "print all menus" and you can do that while using the free trial.  If you decide to keep it - do nothing - you will be billed BUT if you don't want to continue you must call customer service Mon-Fri. prior to the end of the free trial or you will be billed.  Here is my FB can reach me there or message me here if I can help.

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Are you doing the online version?

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I just tried my hand with creating my own recipe.  I clicked on the Recipe Finder tab, and then clicked on the Create A Recipe button at the top of the page.  From there, it's pretty much self-explanatory.  Works like a charm!  This is such a great program!

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Thanks for sharing Mari-Anne...yes it's the best program and only one I have ever been able to make my permanent lifestyle!