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my wife and I are new to food lovers and have not seen any information on coffee or tea consumption. we are both heavily reliant on our caffeine in the morning and afternoon. my question is can we still have our morning coffee and afternoon caffeine in the form of coffee or tea. if yes we would use splendid as a sweetener and low fat half half, is this  acceptable to stay in the fat burning zone?


Tim & Cindy

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yes coffee and tea is fine as long as you drink plenty of water. i use splenda myself. i have also used agava syrup. you both will love FL. i do.

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OH MY GOSH... if I didn't have coffee available I would not be married... my husband is such an addict and since he just came through cancer (cancer free for a a week now!!!) they asked him to back off .. BUT only because he would drink a pot at night (third or fourth of the day) then leave it for the morning and warm up what is left over THEN make a new pot... NOT GOOD. lol.. 

I found I had to switch a a kerig single coffee maker...  IT HAS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WOLRD!! WE HAVD CUT OUR CONSUMPTION LITERALLY IN HALF!. WHY? YOU AKS.. OR NOT .. first it cost so much so we limited how much we drank.. we were drinking 80 pods in a month or less... that's allot of beans... then second we started trying the teas and stuff ... he really likes the dark teas and the EARL GRAY even cold. now this is a farmer I am taking about.. but we are doing it. Caffeine was hurting me and causing me to RETAIN water, NOT GOOD especially for being overweight and his high BP... so anyway... maybe this will give you ideas or not.. good luck.. 

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Half and Half is FL friendly.