Work scheduling issues
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Hi there.


So I did the 21 day metabolism makeover a few months ago (maybe more than that, around the end of August maybe?). I since have started a new part time job, and have fallen off the wagon that is the FLFL. The main problem is, my schedule is always changing and I never work the same hours. And it isn't the kind of job where I can sneak a snack in while I'm working, so it is super difficult to eat every 2-3 hours, especially when I'm set to work 5 hours only. (In California, you can work up to, but not past, 5 hours at a time without a break).


So my dilemma is, what might be the best way to go about staying with (or really going back to) FLFL when sometimes I cannot eat every 2-3 hours. Other than finding a way to carry snacks in my pockets and not getting caught eating them haha.


I'd appreciate any feedback, if anyone has any :)

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Hey cerulean57,

Glad you reached out to the community.  That's a great way to get tips and ideas from other Food Lovers that have had similar situations.  I have had this problem occasionally myself.  I try to keep 100 cal. pks of nuts in my purse at all times.  Those are easy to "sneak" in when no one is looking.  Cool As a matter of fact..a couple of times I have gotten off my regular schedule and ended up having to do just that between Sunday school and church.    If you are allowed to have a liquid with you on the job...a great protein snack is the EAS carb smart drinks.  That can easily carry you through.  One of the many things I love about this lifestyle is that it's forgiving...being a bit late will not derail your efforts so continue to do the best you can at any time and jump back on track with your next meal or snack.

Join us in the blogs and share your journey.  Everyone loves reading and learning from each other.


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Hey, I hope things are working out with your eating schedule. I used to work at David's Bridal registering the Brides. That was THE busiest place I have EVER worked! I was doing really well on FLFL then and was not going to mess up. So, I would stash a snack in my desk and set the alarm on my phone or watch the clock and when it was time, BATHROOM break. I'd just say, I've GOT to go and would run to the restroom really quick and eat my Trader Joe Veggie Sticks or apple or whatever I had. Not the most appetizing to shovel food into your mouth while in the bathroom I know but it worked and while I didn't always get a full snack calorie wise I was getting food into my body so that it didn't go into fat storing mode. If you ask to go pee it's not normally going to be denied. Especially if you make it really quick. I wasn't thinking of anything but getting that food into my mouth. It worked and I did really well. If that wont work, maybe you could but those premade smoothies or some kind of diet meal replacement and have it with you at your desk with a straw to drink? I know how difficult it is to try to eat on schedule. I worked at the bridal store during the recession when my real estate business was slow. Now, thankfully, I am busy with real estate again and not working a part time job but it's equally difficult to eat every 2 or 3 hours when I have people in my car. I just tell them I have low blood sugar and need to eat this snack really quickly. Sometimes I even have a snack for everyone else and just ask if anyone wants one and eat away! I hope you can work it out. I love this program. Hurt my knee and sat around gaining weight and just kind of got lost in the land of junk food but I'm back on week one of the FLFL with high hopes! Good luck!

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I am on day 6,   yesterday I did real great until I left work,  had to stop at the store, drove home about 1 hr to get there,  by the time I sit down to dinner it is now 7PM and my last snack was at 3pm when I let work.   I then ate some melon about 6, and then ate dinner and then had the rest of my snack at 8.  My rating dropped to D+,  any suggestions for times like this??



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The best thing I have found is to pack a cooler with an ice pack with some extra snacks.    That way if you are out and can't get home, your snack is right there for you :)   And, it is okay to have two snack in a row.   I hope that helps.

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I agree with Fewerlbs and usually you can sneak a bathroom break.  This would at least keep some food inside you.  As for Snacks, I always carry little snack size ziplocks of Sun chips, almonds, corn nuts or kashi bars.  I got tied up at the grocery store with mom the other day, and whipped out a snack size zip lock of corn nuts.  She was truly impressed.

Just do the best you can, and remember to get right back on schedule as soon as you can.

Good luck. One day at a time!


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I'm glad that I came across this post. I just started my 21 day makeover today and I too work at a job in which it's can be hard to eat every 2-3 hours. 

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Hi everyone

Me too I have work schedule problem. I work in the store  and I am store manager. 9 out of 10 days I have no break ,no lunch even not a bathroom time. This will be very hard for me to change. Some of the tips here are very good

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I am a truck driver and never have the same schedule, I may sleep for 4 hrs then eat, then drive for 5 hrs then bed again, any suggestions on how to set my scheduling up on my phone. 

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Hey. My schedule is never the same either. I make sure I have snacks available to grab and go if necessary. I buy lots of snacks at Trader Joes and Earth Fare because I don't like vegetables and not much fruit. That's what makes this plan easy for me. I can eat chocolate chip cookies, etc. bc I can find them made with cane sugar for example. Sometimes I go all day with just snacks. By the way, I am a realtor and sometimes have people in my car with me for 10 hours. Some days no one. It's always different. On those days that I have no one with me I am at home working and I usually take a nap in the afternoon bc my husband works late and I stay up with him. If I'm going to be napping during the time I'm supposed to eat I just eat as soon as I wake up. It's working for me even though the online journal shows me in fat burning mode. I try to keep an eye on the calories when I am entering food....with the online journal, when you are searching for the food to enter for a meal it shows the nutritional contents. That way I can make sure that I'm not overeating. The online program is very strict. I find it psychologically discouraging but just keep on going bc I know I'm having success. I keep all the snacks I eat to under 250 calories as required. Just get creative with snacks and always have something with you so you don't have to go an hour over if you're driving somewhere. Good luck!

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tomorrow I start back in the truck driving trying to be good and on track eating. I figured out how i'm gonna snack while driving (use a small cooler bag), I can't log my stuff so I will just have to add at break times. if you need to snack quickly without making to much of a notice of what you're doing I suggest soy nuts...a snack size Ziplock in your pocket should be good. is there a way you can use the bathroom every 2 to 3 hrs inbetween your breaks and eat a quick granola bar? I know it seems gross to eat in the bathroom, but YOU are worth getting healthy. you can also go to management and tell them what you are doing and ask permission to have a little snack while working every 3'd be surprised at how much your bosses will support you when you are honest and tell them you are trying to get thinner and healthier.

good luck, my fingers are crossed for us both