What's your Ah-Ha! moment?
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Hi Food Lovers! Its great to read so many success stories on our forums, what great motivation and inspiration to everyone! Are you interested in sharing your weight loss story outside our community? CNN is doing an on-going series about weight loss success stories. This is a great way to share you inspiration with others and show your success on Food Lovers. If you are interested in submitting your story please follow the link below:  http://ireport.cnn.com/topics/1341

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What a great way to get the word out about this amazing lifestyle!  Yes, I will be submitting my story and how I have maintained the last 4 yrs.  I encourage everyone that has reached their goal or passed any previous loss in reaching their goal on other plans to do the same.  Let's make Food Lovers a household lifestyle of choice!  


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Hi Jackie!

  I could not have read your blog at a better time - Day 16 of MM.  I am feeling more energetic but not much "shrinkage" so far.  What helped me most was your use of the "released".  I have often used the word "lost" pounds, inches etc. but a loss is inherently a bad thing.  Releasing something is a GOOD, positive thing.

Thank you for taking time to write your very encouraging blog.

All the best and God bless you and those you love.

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Thank you dogtrainergal!  So glad it helped.  I like to refer to any success as "releasing"...think of it as helium balloons.  You let them go and they disappear in the air.  GONE to NOT return.  If you lose something...you will likely find it again.  On this lifestyle the inches and pounds will not return if you continue to follow the foundation.  Happy releasing!  

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Thank you, Jackie!  Another excellent mind picture - "gone, never to return"

I have not felt deprived at all on the 21MM, should I continue with that again or go on to the next phase?

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After the 21 days you need to decide if you want to continue on Strategy 1 - which is doing exactly like you have been doing during the 21 days.  Or Strategy 2 which will allow you to add back some of the things you have switched.  I personally do not feel deprived by giving up white refine sugar and flour and I feel so much better so I continue to follow the foundation of the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover aka Strategy 1.  Now that I have reached my goal I live by the 80/20 rule.  80% of the time I am dead on Strategy 1....20% of the time (special occasions or when I have no control over what is being served, etc) I may be on strategy 2...still watching my portions and combinations but ingredients may be more in line w/ Strategy 2.  Keep me posted!

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Thank you for your response.  I was inclined to continue as I have been, glad to hear that it  is working well for you.  I won't start over on the book information but will abide by the principles since I have a lot to lose and I have spent many years slowing my metabolism.

Thanks again!

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hi I'm on day 14. I'm so glad I found this diet. my sugars were in the high 200'S now they are in the 130 to 150' s. and I also know what makes them go higher. I won't be eating too many beans anymore. Lol. I am so happy I can't wait for my next blood work. I'm not that good at computers I was wondering can anyone help me find the live chats where do you go on here to find them. I didn't cheat and weigh myself yet what is a good amount of weight to (release) every week after the 21 days is up??? how will I know if anyone even answers me? I don't even know if I can find my own posts again Thanks