What is going on
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Hi I'm a return member but I want to know what the heck is going on with the customer service department.  I registered on Friday, got the conformation email and that's it.  I have been calling customer service all day and all i get is a voice mail saying they'll call me back but i still haven't heard a word from them.  They sure wasted no time getting in to my bank account.  I just don't understand, the last time I  signed up I had NO trouble at all but now I'm experiencing all the bad stuff that was in the reviews.  So if anybody knows what is going on please post a response so I know whats happening.

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I just signed up also online two days ago. I received the confirmation email and I am able to access the site. However, I did have questions and cannot get anyone online either. When I call the line says please leave a message. I contacted someone via the facebook messenger and had someone call me. However, when I asked that person for a good number he gave me another number that just asks you about surveys and stuff! Seems very fishy to me. I have since tried to contact again via Facebook messenger and no responses. I dont understand how they can have customer service with please leave a message?

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Hi Fluttershee its Roselady, I actually got someone to call me back and found out why I couldn't get in but with you I would try to get in touch with JackieD,  She should have some answers for you, go to the members page above here, find her name and ask her from there or on Tuesday evening (7;30 Central time) the is an open chat and you can get a lot of info on there. Are you doing the online version or do you have the home version?  Either way if you look in the section How To Make A Fat Loss Plate you will find the Dirty Dozen and that should explain about the sugars you are asking about.  I hope this helps, I know how frustrating it is when you have a question and there is nobody around to answer it.  Hope you have a good day and hopefully I'll see ya in chat.

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Ya it's a real pain trying to get a hold of someone.  I wonder what happened, the first time i subscribed (2 years ago) I had no problem at all but this time I had to call back 3 times and threatened them with the BBB,  didn't take long after that for them to call me back.  Its to bad you're leaving but you should do ok with the home version if you have done this before.  I like the on line version because then I know if my plate is right or not, I can't tell with the home one for some reason.  Anyway good luck and I'll be looking for ya in the near future.  Oh Hay you do know the chat is free so keep coming back and keep me company.

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I really do love the program. I purchased the dvd/kit in 2011 but wanted to get back to it. I really do like the online, just like Roselady had said about how you know when your "plate" is correct. The only way I was able to get someone is through facebook Instant message. They do reply there slowly. Rooneymt if you want to cancel, it looks like in the online 21 day module if you go to settings and scroll do the bottom of profile there is a cancel option.