Water vs other liquids
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I always thought pure water was the only thing acceptable toward daily intake. I now read coffee and tea are counted toward your 12? I know its ok to add lemon or flavoring on occasion but coffee and tea? Confused??????? I thought everything else was acceptable after the 12 of water.

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On day 5 of online makeover it gives a list of drinks you can "occasionally" substitute if you get bored. It doesn't say on a regular basis. 

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I'm old school; the 12 glasses of water should be water.  Any liquids after or in addition is just a bonus to your body.  But this is my opinion.  I'm still unclear as to what people find so repulsive about plain water...

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While I agree...nothing is as good as pure water.  I happen to prefer water over other drink options now but for those of you that may have a difficult time with water in the beginning...it's good to know that on the FL lifestyle other things do count.  Here is an insert of the guideline for Day 5 of the 21 Day MM.

How to Add More Water to Your Day

There are lots of ways to get more water in your day. Beverages like coffee, iced tea, and other calorie-free beverages count toward your 12 glasses a day. But nothing is as good as plain pure water, so try these tips:

1. Drink one 8 oz. glass of water every hour while at work. If you add two more before work and two in the evening, you’re all done.

2. When you have a craving ... for anything, drink a glass of water. The water may help you feel full and quash the craving.

3. If you’re drinking fruit juice, cut it one-for-one with water (50% water, 50% juice)

4. After each trip to the restroom, drink a glass of water to replenish your system

5. If you drink diet soda throughout the day, drink two glasses of water between each soda

6. At each meal, drink at least two glasses of water. With each snack, drink one.

Hope this helps....but again...strive for the water.


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yes the liquid does not have to be plain water, any drink  that is  mostly water based is ok and even some foods count too

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I am wondering if I am the only one having trouble drinking all the liquid?  I have to be sure I am close to a bathroom throughout the entire day, or else I'm in trouble.  It seems to flow right through me.  I am also finding I need to use the bathroom at least once in the early morning ours (2 or 4 am) and then I have a terrible time falling asleep again.  So far, most of the liquid I am drinking is plain water (which I absolutely hate) - does anyone have any remedies to the frequent bathroom trips to share?

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Try to get the majority of your water in earlier in the day and early afternoon.  It will seem to level out over time when your body gets used to all the extra water.  Also try adding some fresh fruit or cucumber slices to your water.  It will give it a little flavor w/out adding calories.  

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Thanks, Jackie - I really appreciate your suggestions