Third shift workers
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Maddylibby,  Keep in mind that the online tracker is preset to numbers....and doesn't always allow for "life" as we live it.  The good thing is that as long as you are eating the appropriate portions and combinations you will have results.  The online is a great tool but it is strict.  That's not to say you won't have results.  Take it's feedback as corrective criticism and move on.  When you miss a snack or meal try to get it in as soon as you can and continue from that point.

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I also work nights.  I am an RN.  My days of work and days off vary.  I am beginning to understand why I have a weight problem.  The little sleep coupled with previous poor diets have played havoc with my blood sugar.  I float so I never have a regular routine.  Also I rarely sit down for the first four hours of my 12 hour shift.  I hesitate to snack those first four hours because I am in and out of rooms and want to make sure that my hands are sanitized well before I eat.  I love the on line program, but truthfully react to the comment "hello, sleepy head".  After, sometimes being able to only sleep four hours on the days I work, I need to sleep long on my first day off.  However, I take the suggestion now, and if I don't have an extra class or meeting after work I try to get to bed sooner.