Surprising 21 Day Results (and a VALUABLE lesson)
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Forgive me for how long this is, I seem to struggle with making a long story short.  It's difficult to understand the significance of my results without getting a little background as well. I'm a 44 year old female, I've struggled with my weight for more than 20 years. I've tried everything, from just plain old exercise, to diets, to juice fasts, to crazy calorie restriction diets and more. I've taken some of the strangest supplements trying to lose weight, I cut out dairy, gluten, sugar and more.

Some of what I did was on the right track, for instance, I saw some major health improvements with juicing vegetables, and STILL drink fresh veggie juice as one of my snacks (I either add protein powder to it or eat some protein to make it an accelerator snack). I gained some serious strength with weight lifting (was doing shoulder presses with 20 pound weights at one point, and did NOT look like a man!) When I would eat ANY wheat or dairy before, my stomach would swell up visibly and all "progress" in my intestines would come to a screeching halt, so a year ago I gave it up, along with sugar.

Although I have Reactive Hypoglycemia, sugar attacks were rare before. I was convinced that regular exercise, avoiding dairy, gluten and sugar was what I needed to do. I had gone from 225 pounds to 169.5 pounds, so I figured almost 60 pounds lost was a sign that I was doing something right. I STILL think I was on the right track.

However, I lead a VERY busy life, I work 51 hours a week, I go to college 12 hours (this semester, next semester will be 19 hours), and when you add in sleeping 7 hours a night, drive times, 12 hours a week studying and 4 hours a week exercising, I have exactly 24 hours free time a week. That's not much. Because of my long work hours, I have worked to incorporate exercise into my day. At school I do a lot of walking, etc. Again, I did see SOME health improvements, but I was stuck at 169 pounds, and my waist & hips were growing.

I bought the FLFLS for my parents, my mother is trying to lose weight, and struggles with finding foods that her husband will eat without having to make one meal for him and one for herself. I thought this might be a great solution, but after receiving it, there wasn't too much interest from either of them. It IS rather intimidating to open that big box and see all that stuff. So I set the stuff back in the box with the intentions on sending it back for a refund.


Months later, (I'm not sure exactly how long) I was cleaning my room, moving things around and came across the box. That's when I remembered that I'd wanted to send it back. I thought I already had, but clearly not. So I called, and they said that I waited too long to send it back. I was stuck. I set it on my desk and walked away from it in frustration.

In truth, I wasn't REALLY frustrated with FLFLS, rather I was angry with this plateau I'd been on for over a year. I felt a little better, but still had no energy, I was ALWAYS tired, spent all my free time sleeping, and ate 2-3 meals a day. I didn't seem to have TIME to eat more, and when I did, I GAINED weight, so I tried not to eat any more than I needed to. I gradually stopped exercising, because I wasn't seing any benefit from it either.


It was a few days later, I got up, went to the bathroom and stepped on the scale to see I'd gone up from 155 to 169.5 AGAIN. Something inside me snapped. THAT was the last straw. I had HAD it with feeling like crap and seeing the same fat person staring back at me day after day. (Although I'd already lost 60 pounds, I still tended to see that same 225 pound person in the mirror.)


I went back to the bedroom and hauled out the box. I broke everything out, laid it out and got started. I spent some time figuring out what went where and when to use what. I took my pictures, did the measurements and figured out my body fat percentage, fat weight and lean body mass weight. I filled out the rapid results worksheet, and started doing the 21 day makeover. I started out exercising every other day or every day, I began working the 12 and 24 minute DVD's into my mornings. I MADE time for it.

I must stress, I did this makeover because I was mad, mad because I was not losing weight, mad because I bought this as a gift for someone who then didn't want it, and mad because I was stuck with it. I didn't BELIEVE it was going to work. In fact, I was convinced it wasn't going to work and set out to prove “them” wrong. I committed to following the 21 Day Makeover program to the T (with the exception of regular exercise from the beginning. I followed the 'fast results' suggestion from inside the DVD jacket). Within 24 hours of starting this system, I was waking up VERY hungry, and having to eat every few hours because I was starving. I wake up hungry now, which is also amazing to me. And there's no way I'm going to miss my times, I HAVE to eat now.


I eat sandwiches now. With bread. Real honest-to-goodness sandwiches with real, honest to goodness bread (whole wheat, and none of the 'enemies')  Not only do I love them, but they no longer negatively affect me. In fact, I had one today for lunch. Low sodium, oven roasted turkey with lettuce, tomato, a slice of pepper jack cheese, and a LITTLE bit of honey mustard. I am not sure I'll ever get tired of enjoying those sandwiches. I get pretty fancy with them now, I love it. I did each of these things that the 21 Day Makeover told me to do, my step dad, (the picky eater that was partially responsible for me purchasing this system in the first place) LOVED the baked macaroni and cheese from the classic comfort foods recipe card. He even went back for seconds (and leftovers the next day).

Some things have been hard to get used to, I've had to unlearn some things, and go against what I was SURE was true. (I'm a geek, and have done a LOT of research.) But I stuck with it, all to get to this point today, JUST to prove “them” wrong.


Today was day 21. I was SOOO excited this morning. I got up and flew to the bathroom to hop on the scale, imagining the incredible success I was going to see on the scale. 10 pounds? 20 pounds? Oh maybe MORE!

When I saw the numbers, I almost cried. 2.3 pounds lost. That's IT. What happened? Where did I go wrong? I was SOOO disappointed, and almost threw the whole thing in the trash. But I figured in for a penny, in for a pound. I went back and began taking measurements, and went through the math to figure my body fat percentage, fat weight and lean body mass.

What I found stunned me. Plain and simple. I learned a whole new type of math, the FLFLS math!

Let me show you....

2 pounds on a scale (for me) equals:

  • 7 ½ inches lost (total body). Of that, 3 inches off my hips and 2 inches off my waist.
  • 3% Body Fat LOST!
  • 5 ½ pounds of Fat Weight lost. As in GONE!
  • AND a whopping 3.31 gain in Lean Body Mass!

So, if I understand this correctly, I lost 5.5 pounds of fat and gained 3.31 pounds of Lean Body Mass. That's pretty doggone amazing to me. It's certainly something I never thought I'd see and I DEFINITELY didn't expect to see it as the result of eating foods I love (and thought I'd never be able to eat again.) I feel SO much better, I sleep better, I have tons of energy now. I'm getting into clothes I didn't think I'd ever wear again.


Not only did I fail in my attempt to prove them wrong, but I've learned a very valuable lesson about that scale that I love to hate. It was SO hard to stay off of it for 21 days, but I'm glad I did. Had I stepped on that scale and found that I wasn't losing weight, I might have given up before my body had a chance to reset it's metabolism. I might have thrown away something that very clearly works for me.

I'm not blindly reaching in the dark, trying 'this' and 'that' to see if it helps. I'm not piecing things together from here and there, trying to create a new wheel. I'm not trying to convince myself that I don't really miss “those” foods. I don't HAVE to do without. I have a good foundation now, I can go to any restaurant, find myself in just about any situation and STILL be able to eat without sabotaging my weight loss or my health.


Had I given up, I really WOULD have failed. Instead, I stuck with it, doggedly, determinedly. Now I begin the next phase, and I'm truly looking forward to it. I wish I could talk to the people from the call center that refused me. I wish I could tell them “Thank You.” Even though they were just following the policy, it was the best refusal that ever happened to me.


Now I'm a believer!  I KNOW I can do this!  I am truly looking forward to going through the FLFL book, and seeing my results in the weeks and months to come!

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Thank you for sharing you story...I enjoyed reading all of it!  I am on week two and I am afraid I didn't take really good measurments on my first week...wish now I had gone and bought the right kind of measuring tape.  Anyhow, I look forward to hearing more about your progress.




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It's not too late to get one.  You can still record your measurements, you may still see a significant change.

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Cool Keep going strong!


It's great to see your taking time out to reach your goals. I want to encourage you to find time to incorporate an excercise regimen into your new healthy lifestyle. You can start simple at least 2-3 times a week even if it's a speed walk around your neighborhood. We all have to start somewhere. Also, try lean workouts like yoga, cardio stimulating workouts like walking, jogging, running, etc. Workouts that include weight training will cause you to put on the pounds because muscle weight is heavier than fat tissue; however, weights can be used in moderation for toning/muscle definition but again not in all the workouts. Last tip, remember the weight loss journey/life is a singular experience. Only focus on YOU and the goals you want to achieve. Everyone has an opinion but what matters most is your opinion about YOUrself.


Live abundantly!

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What a great story! I ALWAYS tell everyone to not let the scale be their only way to track progress. More than half the time, it won't show what you "want" to see. Congratulations!

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i congratulate you for finding the time to follow the program with your busy life. great story i wish you the best on your journey to your new healthy lifestyle


your fl buddy



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That's a fantastic story and I'm glad you went to the trouble to share it! Congratulations on finding you can have REAL bread again, but what was causing you to swell after the wheat consumption before, that is different now?  The scales for me, have always been a "part of the puzzle" not the ALL in ALL judge and jury...used as a tool to get a reading on whether I am on the right track and whether changes are needed in what I am doing. I finally got a digital set a couple of months ago, so I'm happier for that.


You truly have figured out what works for you...with the new FL math and your numbers are great! Hoping you do keep us up on your progress and what you discover along the way. The mass of info to sift thru in the kit CAN be daunting.... and I don't know how ppl can get thru it all when they already have busy schedules, as you do.. or young children!  I have just found a great durable carrying file/box we already had, for my kit so I can get rid of the cardboard mailer and be more organized with keeping up with the different components. I had a color copy made of the fold out portion of Proteins, Slow and Fast Carbs to hang in the kitchen for easy reference and covered it in a non reflective page protector. What I need next is a kitchen scale.  : )  Still measure in cups when prepping a Fat Loss Plate ( don't trust my guessing).  Anyway, if you don't mind me rattling on in praise over the kit....I LOVE all of it and how it's comprehensive, well laid out, informative, colorful, has fantastic variety in recipes and in listed products we can select by brands, and is complete in what is needed to grasp the program fully with the cds and detailed explanations of getting to know how the body works.   That said...I am also enjoying learning to use the online program and coaching app on my I-ph. Last night, I tried out the new online menu and it will be interesting to see how I can use parts or all of that in my week. The support available is also a great PLUS when questions come up. The chats with Jackie  are helpful and I need to put a sticky on my forehead to remind me of the other one with JP on Thurs.  I must say, the forum isn't user friendly, but if I have the time it requires to find things, it's helpful to a degree. It's kind of hard to connect with ppl since there's no cohesive feel to it...a bit hit or miss, and chilly without "the unity". I do miss that part...a LOT, and think it's much needed to help everyone feel linked-in and connected.


Wishing you much SUCCESS on your wt loss journey, and again...thank you for explaining your experience wth FLFL.  Smile It's always good to read others' trials and solutions.         Sandi

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I'm not sure WHAT is different now from then.  I had convinced myself that gluten was the problem, I have been taking probiotics and digestive enzymes, maybe that's helped.  Also, back then, my intestines didn't move food through very well, I was always very constipated, struggling between laxatives and the side effects of them (one of which is a tolerance to them, to where you need them all the time).  I stopped taking them, started drinking fresh vegetable juices, I cut out all sugar, dairy and wheat and started taking those probiotics and enzymes.


I did this for a year, and I'm wondering if this just didn't give my body a chance to heal.  Now things move as they should, I feel much healthier.  I LOVE my juices, and will continue them.  I treat them as a carb, and will make sure to either add protein powder or eat something with protein in it, and I tend to treat them like either a snack or a carb with dinner.  (Although most of the veggies I juice are classified as slow carbs when you eat them, I consider them fast carbs when I drink them because the fiber is gone.  Not sure where they actually fall)


Anyways, something has changed.  And I'm SO thrilled!!!

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wow! am speechless on your story is so amazing Congratulations we are to happy to know that you are happy with your results please keep us posted i personally would like to know your updates, it really encourage others.Thank you for sharing your story.

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I'm on Day 15 and am glad I read your story when I did.  Not only are you an excellent story teller, you're motivational as well.  Thank you!  I look forward to next week when I can measure myself again.  I hope to see some results!

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This is a great motivational story

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Thank you for your story. it's very encouraging because at 61 years old and having tried every diet on the universe i feel like i can actually stick with this eating plan. I've only lost two pounds and i have yielded to the temptation to weigh myself practically every day and become very concerned that i will not stick with this one.

bless you...stay strong!

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Congratulations!  I understand exactly what you are saying.  I joined the Program on July 7th and had a goal of losing 10 pounds in 2 months.  I am not able to stick to the Program as well as I would like because I work nights and I am always so busy at work that I miss meals but I was pleasantly surprised that I had lost 4 pounds at the end of 1 month and have now lost 8 at the end of 2 months.  It was difficult to stay away from the scale at the beginning and it was very discouraging but I did and it helped.  I also stopped using he Online Portion because it highlighted everything I missed and all the red marks were very discouraging.  I have never really enjoyed exercising but I like the Workout Programs that came with the Packet.  They are not excessively difficult and they are doable.  When I don't want to exercise I tell myself I can do 12 Minutes and it helps.  I don't feel bloated anymore and it is really nice to see the changes in my body, having muscle instead of fat.  I am also happy to be eating better as well.  Thanks for sharing your story.