Supporting each other
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I was looking for a blog that I could touch base with every day to just cheer each other on.  Couldn't find one so I'm starting one!

My best moment this weekend (I'm on day 19) was eating brunch out with my husband and staying exactly on plan!!  I had a veggie (California) omelette, coffee with almond milk and sugar free caramel syrup, fruit for my side.  I asked them to cook my omelette without oil (they said they had canola spray).  I also took half of my omelette home.  I was really full and very proud.  Brunch is like a religion to me and I hadn't had it since day one of the program.  I was afraid to try because I thought I would fail miserably.  But yay me, I did it! 


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Jenn that is awesome!  You are really doing well.  I love how you asked the waitress to fix your meal without oil.  One thing I learned from FL's about dining out....most places are happy to make your meal according to your specific needs and request.  I will be in the chat room tonight, Tuesday, at 7:30 central.  Would love to chat with you!!