Slow and steady
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I started the Food Lovers Program on March 7th. I have been staying true to myself and have only strayed a couple times while eating out. I don't take supplements, I only use the fat loss plate and snack guidelines. I think this program is awesome, the easiest "diet" I have ever done. I have struggled with a weight problem my whole life. I have lost 25 lbs since I started the program, in March, and I have another 20-25 to go. I'm not sure what the typical results should be but needless to say I am pleased with the results and I will continue to use this program. I hope my results are encouraging to others.

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Congrats that awesome, I am on my 5th day now and doing fine with the meals being all fat loss plates and enjoying the meals every 2-3 hrs keeps me from getting over hungry. I have previously lost close to 60 lbs on weight watchers and have stayed the same for about a yr now so I am wanting to lose more another 40lbs would be great.I already eat healthy for the most part as it was but the online food journal I really like keeps the food and portions easier to stick too.. I think you like to see the fat loss plate check mark :) .I hope I have the success you have had on this.

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You have had great results and all while eating all day!  If you make the foundation your lifestyle you will continue to have results.  Thanks for sharing!