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Dr. Keller Wortham is a physician specializing in the treatment of obesity and medical consultant for the Food Lovers Fat Loss System. Dr. Wortham believes the first step to a healthy life is understanding your body, and he’s eager to answer your questions on diet, nutrition, disease prevention and healthy living.

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Posted question, but unsure where to find the response???  Just finishing my 21 days, and starting with the Community?

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I'm with you.  Can't quite understand this website.  I see lots of posts, but no replies and if you don't get an answer, then it's on the phone to FL staff.

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The answers to the questions will not be posted this particular thread. They will be posted in the actual topic.

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Hi there!

A doctor is exactly what I need to answer this question. I did FL in 2012 and had great results! I love how easy it is to follow. So then I fell off FL and tried a similar program by Robert Ferguson who used to be here with FL, however, his program didn't do anything for me and I really miss the ease of FL.

My question: I was told that once you do FL you don't have a second chance, therefore, if you try doing it again, your body won't react the way it did the first time. Is this true?  For example, you know I did this in early 2012, lost weight, went off, gained it all back triple, went back to mostly old eating habits etc. What do you think is a reasonable expectation for those of us who return to this program after long lapses. Did our body chemistry change so much the first time that it won't change again?

Thank you for responding!