Returning to lose regained weight
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Hi all,

i am a returning user.  I originally bought the program in Oct. 2009 and lost 30 pounds over 15 months.  Gradually over the past year or so I have regained about half the weight.  I rebought the program two weeks ago and have been  diligently following the meal plans.  Exercising, not so much.  I am determined though.

When I bought the program this time I noticed that  I had a free 2 week free trial of the online FLFL Program.  I have used it everyday.  

I have called to cancel it, but I have a question about this forum.  Will I still have access to it or is it only included in the fee for the online program?  

I hope to be able to get a reply Since Tomorrow is my 14th day, and I will no longer be able to use the online system.  

It would be sad to not have access to the forum for support without paying extra for it.  

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Yes, you will still have access to this forum.  It is free.  We have 2 live chats weekly too where you can meet others on the same journey.  I host on Tuesday evening at 7:30 and Norman will be in the chat room on Thursday evenings same time.  Hope you can join us.  

Like you, I ordered in the Fall of 2009 also and lost my goal of 30 lbs by July 2010.  I made this my lifestyle and can't imagine any other's my norm.  

Hope to chat with you!