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As I always say, I love using he online system.   I find it very convenient and I'm not sure I would be working this program as successfully as I do without it.

I do, however, I wish that we had the ability to edit the NAMES of our "favorites" for sorting purposes.  The names of many foods are counter-intuitive--and having the list  alphabetized is only helpful when you actually remember how it is listed.  For example, I like Turkey Sausage.  But the brand I often use is listed as "All Natural Fully-cooked Turkey sausage" and is sorted under "A," which is something I have to always remember when entering my meal.  I wish I had the ability to edit the name to "Turkey Sausage" or, better yet, "Sausage, Turkey" (and then place the other details after that--type, brand, etc), which would make it much easier to find.  "Smart Balance" Buttery Spread" is listed as "Original Buttery Spread" (under "O").  I have a lot of "favorites," so there are countless examples of this and, at this point, the only remedy I have is to re-enter the food as one of my own creations (with all the nutritional info, etc.), but that seems to defeat the convenience of having the foods already listed in the system.

It actually would be great if we could convert any existing food into an "Item I Created" so that we could then edit the nutritional content (which is sometimes inconsistent with what's actually on the label).  If we could do this, we could edit the name at the same time and kill two birds with one stone.


Chuck McCollum