Preparing for the holiday
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Hi everyone, it was brought to my attention this is a holiday weekend coming up and wondered what your plans are to get through the picnic type parties. It is so easy to get caught up and even consumed with the smorgesbord of food layed out. I plan to stay away from the food table after I make my FL plate. It's so easy to start unconsciously picking while conversating. I also plan to bring back up incase there is not a good selection of friendly food. 

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Glad you asked...I normally do a blog to help w/ the summertime cookouts and holidays.  Here is my advice.  We often associate gatherings, reunions, parties, etc.with food.  I'm from the South and we really like our home cooked meals and handed down recipes.  But take your focus off the table...let's think about what really matters - time.  Time spent with friends and family.  Start setting your mindset on the time you will enjoy with others.  Then when the meal begins...first pick your protein and stay close to your portion.  Next decide on your fast and slow carbs.  Here is a tip..when I go to a cookout I always want potato salad (fast carb) so I will have 1/2 a bun on my burger(protein)  with a lettuce leaf acting as the other half...then I can have a 1/2 portion of potato salad.  I still have room for baked beans (slow carb).  Eat slow and again...enjoy the time with your friends and family.  If you get wrapped up in conversation with them then before you know it - 2 hrs have passed since you took your first bite and now you can have dessert...a sensible portion of course.  Hope this helps.  Have a safe weekend!

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Those are some great tips Jackie Thank You!