Pre-Workout Meal
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Hi remichel, 

I also tried and still have the 6 week body make over, you asked where or what page would you find regarding eating before a workout, Its in the section Custom Eating Plan Menu page 12 of 20. Help this helps 

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Hi!  Just joining FL and see your post.  The information you are trying to locate is in the Customer Eating Plan Menu right under Additional Breakfast Customization's.  For Plan A it is on page 13 of 22.

Are you on the 6WBMO?

All the best!

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Hi. I am just starting the program - 6WBO. I have both, FoodLovers and 6WBO. I did 6WBO 11 years ago and my weight loss was awe-some!!!  Not sure the success of FL but I know I can be successful w 6WBO.  Is there a starter group I can join, please?  Thank you!!