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Hi everyone my name is Cindy.  I live in Phoenix, and am 51 years old.  I completed The 21 day metabolism makeover with a huge success of 21 pounds.  I will be starting week five in a couple of days.  I chose to keep on the fast pace weight loss going into the food lovers for life program.  My concern is that in  the last two weeks I have only lost 1 lb.  I have gone over my planner pages for review and do not see where anything has changed as far as what or how often I eat.  I have been doing the fat buster videos and the resistance training at least 3 times a week.  I don't Understand the weight loss kind of haulting  the way it has the last two weeks and am a little frustrated.  The odd thing is I definitely feel slimmer, my clothes are way looser And I have a lot more energy the scale just isn’t reflecting that.  my Measurements are fluctuating as well... any suggestions or advice?  I am also looking for a buddy!  

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Did you measure when you started?  You may be losing inches now and not pounds....this means you are replacing fat w/ lean body mass.  That is great!  That means a smaller you!  And lean body mass is what people see.  They don't see the number on the scale.  If you haven't so now - the areas that it instructs you to in the beginning.  I met my goal in 2010 and was at 140 and a size 8.  I continued on w/ FL for life....and the next year I was the same weight but a size 4/6.  You are doing great!!