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Does anyone know if pizza from a pizza parlor can be working into this plan? Thanks

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Hi Mart!

thanks for replying ,

how'd you know I usually get breadsticks?? That's funny! Guess we all think alike

I am glad I got this answer because I can't find it in the books. Thanks,


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When I order pizza out I use my hand as a measuring tool.  We know no one slices the pizza the exact same size so I allow for 2 slices that would equal the size of my hand if it were laid out in a prayer position.  (meaning fingers out straight and side by side).  That will equal roughly to a "standard 1.5 -2.0 size serving. I ask them to go light on the cheese and pick lower fat meats and lots of veggies plus a side salad.  When at home making my own....I use a low carb whole wheat tortilla, flat bread, or wrap for my crust, Classico  tomato basil sauce and lean beef, turkey or chicken and load it up w/ veggies that I saute'.  Hope this helps.

Mart, how very nice of you to give Norman and I credit...we obviously learned it from someone, and now you are a great source to rely on as well.  Thank you for the shout out but if you know...share if forward.  That's what this community is all about.  


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 What if you're avoiding dairy and have pizza without cheese? Can you have more? :)

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On the FL lifestyle, cheese is fat so it's optional.  Skipping the cheese will not allow you to have a bigger portion size.  The portion on pizza if you were eyeballing it would be 2 slices the size of your hand with fingers together.  (think prayer hand)  You can also add a side salad and your dressing would count as fat.

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Thanks for the great tip! I was wondering about pizza as it is one of my favorite reward/comfort foods. I finally realized what my comfort foods are!  And i'll definitely avoid some of the vendors here which give you pizza the size of your abdomen!! Also i have been having toasted cheese sandwiches (one 1 slice of ezekial bread) with peas and 2 oz of low fat mozzarella or swiss (regular). it is amazing how much protein this stacks up to be as the bread, peas, and cheese all have protein. So i'm glad i can have my cheese sandwiches. easy to fix and delicious. 

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I just encountered this yesterday because we had

a Pizza Lunch at work.  I was able to have 1 square

slice of Jet's Veggie Pizza and 2 cups of mixed salad

greens.  I used Walden Farms Dressing which counts

for nothing.  I can also have 2 slices of Hungry Howie

Veggie Pizza with a regular crust or 3 slices of Veggie

Pizza with a thin crust.

Hope this helps