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As I've mentioned more than once--I love the online program.  I love the convenience of having the app with me wherever I go--the ability to build fat loss plates from the countless products that are in the database, and I love the tracking.  Four years ago I tried this program--with much success--but the meal planning and tracking was problematic, and was one of the main reasons for my eventually going completely off the program, because I don't carry a day-planner so trying to stay in the habit of writing everything down was difficult--and I also did not like the fact that carrying that around with me made it harder to keep what I'm doing private--which I sometimes want (especially since those "before" photos are often contained therein)!.  But with the new  app and the ability to plan online with such power and accuracy, I actually look forward to sitting down and planning out my meal strategies for the day--and updating throughout the day.

At any rate, thank you.  I have but one request at the moment:  That you build into the system an algorithm that allows for "boosting."  This way,, if I double up on my fast carbs or my proteins every fouth day--the program will understand what I'm doing without downgrading my tracking, or my "overall grade" for the day.  Those big red bars can be very discouraging--especially when you are doing EXACTLY what the program recommends when hitting a plateau.

I look forward to this feature being added to this useful tool.


Chuck McCollum