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Are you on Facebook?  If you are, try sending a message on their Facebook page by clicking the message tab.  Explain the situation and give them the email address you signed up with as well as your user name.  Search Food Lovers Fat Loss System to find the page.  Another option is to try calling Wednesday or Thursday after noon pacific time.  Let me know if neither of those work and I will try to help.  


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The customer service with this company is awful! I joined the 14 day free trial on Friday and the same thing happened. I emailed 4 times, called Friday, Monday and today. They billed me twice for what I ordered but didn't bother to let me know that because I had been a member previously I wasn't eligible for the 14 day free trial. Every time I called (trying 3 different phone numbers I was able to find) I would get a generic voice mail that said "we are closed" or "please hold" and then would either get a fast busy signal or a message to leave a voice mail. It took them 5 days to get back to me. In the meantime I called my credit card company to dispute the double charges. They tried the company and received the same generic voice mail messages. They put a "block" on the charges because this company in on the list of companies that they are allowed to block bc they have this problem with them all the time. When customer service was finally able to get everything straightened out but hung up on me before giving me my login information. Luckily I remembered it from when I was a member previously. I love this program or would go elsewhere but there is no question, they have really terrible customer service. I mean, come on, their voice mail can't even identify the company name?!! Ridiculous!