Night Shift
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I have a rotating work schedule. I am primarily scheduled 7p til 7a. I work rotating days. Starting this week -- Tuesday night, Wednesday night and Saturday night. Then Sunday night, Thursday night and Friday night. We're scheduled for 36 hour work weeks. I work an average of 60 hours a week between overtime and a second job -- not uncommon for my line of work, it's how my peers and I make ends meet and still put money away in order to have a life. So, how can I set up the online program to go with my crazy work schedules? I wish there was a way to add sleep. My days off are fine. When I go back to work on Saturday, I wake up early in the morning eat breakfast and a snack, do some of my school work and cleaning then take a nap so I can stay up all night. When I go home, I workout then sleep. It's that nap my first day back and the whole sleeping during the day. I don't have "weekdays" and "weekends." My job is a 24/7 operation. I am essential personnel.

Anyone else in a similar situation and have any advice on how to work the online program with their schedule?