New and wondering y I'm here, no one else is
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I'm new, check out my profile. No one is ever on here. Y?  Where is everyone? Obviously this diet doesn't work if ppl aren't posting every day. I'll stick to what I know works, 6wbmo.

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hi, I'm new too.  I was a Nutrisystem survivor, after losing 85 pounds through deprivation and then gaining it all back.  I am really excited about this program because it is more reasonable and you get to eat normal things.  The nutrisystem blogs were always jumping and I enjoyed that , but I hated the diet.  Look under my friends on my profile for Jackie D.  She is a great mentor and has chats on tuesday night.  May be you and I can get more people involved.  I agree that it is concerning when we don't see alot of involvement.  Please send me a friend request.  I'm Joanie