New and wondering y I'm here, no one else is
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I'm new, check out my profile. No one is ever on here. Y?  Where is everyone? Obviously this diet doesn't work if ppl aren't posting every day. I'll stick to what I know works, 6wbmo.

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hi, I'm new too.  I was a Nutrisystem survivor, after losing 85 pounds through deprivation and then gaining it all back.  I am really excited about this program because it is more reasonable and you get to eat normal things.  The nutrisystem blogs were always jumping and I enjoyed that , but I hated the diet.  Look under my friends on my profile for Jackie D.  She is a great mentor and has chats on tuesday night.  May be you and I can get more people involved.  I agree that it is concerning when we don't see alot of involvement.  Please send me a friend request.  I'm Joanie

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Hi I'm kind of new here too. I did this a few years back. I noticed all the posts I look through are really old and was wondering the same thing. Is there another area I should be looking at for newer posts?1

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Hey Bella54!  Glad you are giving the lifestyle another try.  I've been following it since 2009.  I'm still in the community.  I host a chat on Tuesday nights here...under the Chat tab.  Just click there and it will take you to the chat room.  I will be there at 7:30 central on Tuesday evenings.  I hope you can join me.  We don't have as many posting now as we did before due to the new Food Lovers Online option. 

Check it can try it free for 2 wks.  All the newbies now are online posting and logging their intake.  The FLO has a built in coach...I'm here for those that don't use the newer option.  

Let me know if I can help!