New and in need of help!
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Hi, I am new here and having difficulty figuring out how and where to post, and how to get into chats.  I am in need of a buddy for the FLFL program, and also in need of assistance as to how to get around in here!  Anyone willing to take on a complete newbie?  Thanks much!

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Welcome to the community, Lisa!  I host the chats on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 central.  I would love to have you join us!  We are informal and have a good discussion weekly.  I hope you can make it next week.  In the meantime...I would suggest checking out all the tabs above in the red.  Each one will take you to a section.  Also, be sure and use the blog tab.  This is where you can share your journey with the rest of us.  You can post concerns or questions and others will reach out.  You can also message me here in the community anytime.  I've been living this lifestyle since 2009.....I now know how to eat to stay in fat burning mode!  No more diets!

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Jackie, thank you so much for your warm welcome!

I have checked out the red tabs and tried to get in to chat rooms, but either I am tech-impaired or some setting is wrong.  I have no idea how to join a chat.  Can you direct me?  I have checked out the red tabs and gotten around the site a bit, but cannot seem to get in to a chat room.

By the way, I am hoping to make this my for-keeps lifestyle.  I am just starting the 3rd week of the 21-day reset, and feel GREAT, but actually have wondered about perhaps gaining instead of losing, as I see no difference yet and pants even feel a bit more snug?  Is this normal?

Any direction on how to join your chat would be welcome!

Thanks Much!

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This can easily be your norm.  I've been following it so long that it's just 2nd nature.  

As far as getting into the chat room...when you click on the Chat tab above...tell me what happens...does it take you to another screen? Or do you get a small pop up box asking for permission to access?

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Hi , I'm new too, nice to meet you.