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Any new moms out there trying to get this weight loss figured out while surviving on very little sleep and working with a newborn that doesn't much worry about a schedule?

I recently returned to work and that has helped somewhat with scheduling but I am struggling to find the time to get in all my eating and keep daydreaming about a workout schedule, but can't seem to make one work.  Any help or advice would be much appreciated.  Or if anyone wants to join up to be accountability partners, I'd be excited to do that, as well.

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I have a 5 month old and trying to lose the baby weight, get sleep, exercising, and trying to continue a daily life is a real struggle. I started another round of the 21 day makeover last week and I am in desperate need of change in weight and energy! LOL

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First of all congratulations on your new addition!  I have one too except mine is a grand baby so I don't have the schedule problems you are having....but I do understand.  Focus on getting the nutrition, portions and correct combinations going and learn to read labels as taught on Day 4 of the 21 day mm.  If you are getting that part of the lifestyle/program down, then as things settle down for you the other aspects will fall into place.  You don't have to be perfect on FL's - any positive change will help you reach your goal.  Stay connected to the community for support and motivation.  It will help you be accountable as well.  Do the best you can at the moment.