New Day New Me
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Are you using the same amount of mix for the waffle as you are the pancake?

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I will look into it...can you send me a screen shot in a message or the brand you are using.  I will take a look.

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I lol when I saw you were taking your cat for a walk, and the reason for that is because I thought we were the only ones who did such a 

I am so excited for your berry bushes. I do think we sometimes take our bees for granted. We have had to exterminate the past 2 years because of those nasty yellow jackets attacking our grandkids and the dogs. poor Emma our coon hound was just standing by the door enjoying the sun and a bee came out of no where and bit her in the caboose! After multiple treatments they found a huge hive in our attic. 

Maybe you can do a squat during pollination. this might help your back also. 

Sorry I missed chat time, I had unexpected company. Maybe we can catch up with Norman on Thursday.