Mock Banana Split
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Does anyone know where I can find  in the recipes or in the food journal mock Banana split I can find it any where

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I know I've already answered this for you on my Facebook page, JackieD Food Lover for Life, but I wanted to answer so others could see it that might not be following that page.  The mock banana split is a meal I put together and often talk about because it's feels like you are eating dessert for a meal.  It has the components of a fat loss meal.  I use 1 c. of plain 0% fat Greek yogurt for my protein.  Fast carb is either a serving of banana,mango or pineapple and slow carb is a serving of strawberries, blackberries or raspberries.   Then I use as a condiment...a small amount of honey or sugar free syrup.  Walden Farms pancake syrup is great to use as it has 0 carbs & 0 calories and tastes amazing.  I then top it with a portion of chopped nuts for my fat.  Enjoy!