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I have hypothyroidism; and since on the diet, my metabolism has not changed. I have not gained or lost any weight. I did start the 21 makeover all over again.

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Don't give up yet.  I have the same condition, but have been able to lose about 6 pounds in almost 3 weeks.  I've not noticed a change in clothing fitting yet, and I'm not always hungry at snack time.  I figure with the hypothyroidism and age, and complete hysterectomy it may take me longer.  I'm also having some issues with joints, so the exercise is not easy.

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Hi Sillyd. Have you gone back and really tweaked all the aspects of the plan making sure you're not missing something or doing something the wrong way? I know that I am and continue to do so. Maybe ask your doctor if it's realistic to expect a quick change with the thyroid issue. It may just take longer. Also, if you're doing the onine journaling keep an eye on the calorie count as you enter a meal to make sure you're not getting too many there. Good luck.