Lost my mind
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You will love your pressure cooker!  Food Lovers is forgiving....when you have a slip, make a bad meal or snack choice or an occasional bad day...simply dust yourself off and correct it with in 2-3 hrs with a better choice and keep on going.  Correction is only a meal/snack away.  :)

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Roselady Jackie is so right one mistake doesn't undo everything, just that meal. You had a moment and now it sounds like your ready to move on. Don't waste your energy feeling guilty, invest it in all that good cooking and exercise your going to do. You can still go for pizza and McDonald's with your hubby once your feeling stronger and more positive you just have to make better choices. My Jim loves to eat, so I have learned to eat healthy around his unhealthy habits. It's not easy but it can be done. But never test that theory when your feeling weak. You've Got this! TTYL☺