Looking for a buddy in Canada
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Welcome to the community 2kitties77!  Come to our weekly chats and you can meet others on the same journey.  They are on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 central.  There's some from your area that attend from time to time.   Hope you can join us!


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Hi,  I am looking for a buddy too who lives in Alberta so when I saw your post I was very excited.  I don't really know what the role model of a buddy is but it would be nice to share with some one on the same journey as I am. 

I completed the 21 day metabolism make over quite some time ago.  I lost 10 pounds.  I enjoy the program and to continue on it.

I thought that I wouldn't need a buddy... so I didn't reach out at first like was suggested... You know hard headed... I can do this alone kind of thing.  However, I went on holidays and then kind of fell of the wagon a bit.  So now I'm thinking maybe going alone at this thing isn't the answer.

I am turning 50 next year and my long term goal is to loose 100 pounds.

If you are interested in being buddies let me know.

Jackie (aka Dragonfly)

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Welcome to the community Dragonfly/Jackie.  I should be able to remember your name!  lol....Join me in the chat room on Tuesday evening at 7:30 central.  Its a great place to meet others and we are very informal.  Bring any questions you may have and we will get them answered.