Looking for a buddy - anyone else need one too?
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I am on day 14 of the program and I am looking for a buddy as directed.  I am 53, married, no children and I live in northwest Tennessee in the Central Time Zone.  I love cats and dogs, have a few of each.  Love to read but don't have time for it anymore and I waste too much time on Facebook.  I also have a hard time finding the time to workout - but am hoping I can more easily fit in the 12 minutes workouts.  My husband has diabetes and also needs to lose weight but with his neuropathy he doesn't like to walk much - so I can't get him to be a walking buddy.  I would love to have someone that I can chat with by text, email or on here with like interests so we can support each other through this process.  Hoping this is the last weight loss plan I will ever need as it is a lifestyle change, not a diet!


Carla aka GypsyGirl2014
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Hi GypsyGirl2014 - please check out my profile and see if I would be someone you would like to share info and the ups and downs with during your intro to Food Lovers.  I have only been in the program since late in April.  I have had so much support from everyone and Jackie.  I got to know a lot of ladies thru the Tuesday night chat.  You really want to think about joining us on Tuesday nights at 8:30 p.m. eastern time.   Go the the Blog and post what you posted on the Home Page and you will probably get more of a response.  The blogs also help you to get to know everyone too.  Good Luck.  I would be happy to be your buddy  - read my profile and let me know.

Hang in there.


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Carla, Jackie just posted that her chat this week will be on Thursday night at 8:30 p.m. eastern time.  Hope you will join us.

Journey (Faith)

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Hey Carla!  Welcome to FL's!!  I am the chat moderator and I live in Tennessee too....Cookeville!  So we are neighbors...kind of  lol....I found this lifestyle in 2009.  Met my goal in 6 1/2 months and have continued to follow the foundation taught in the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover.  I have been able to maintain my weight since 2010 without dieting!  I would love for you to join us in the chats.  I will be in the chat room on Thursday the 22nd at 7:30 central.  Hope to see you there!  Message me here if I can help in any way!


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Thank you both.  I have added both of you as friends.  Not sure if I can make the chat on Thursday night but I will try.

Carla aka GypsyGirl2014
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Welcome to the community Pinkcakelady1965!  Glad you are becoming active in the forum.  Trust me...that will keep you on your toes and accountable to not only yourself but others as well!  I recommend everyone start a blog here under the blog tab.  This is a great way to reach out to others and share your journey with others on the same journey. I will be hosting a live chat in the chat room on Tuesday evening...7:30 central.  Hope you can join us!


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hi, nice to meet you, I hope you will join the chat.  I am new also. 

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Hi everyone, I'm a newbie, I really like this forum, and hope I'll find here new info and new friends!!

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Againe19, Welcome to the community.  I hope you can join me Tuesday evening at 7:30 central in the chat room.  You will meet others on the same journey and sure to hook up with a buddy.  If you have any questions, feel free to message me or post them here.  Another great place to meet others is in the blog section.   Start a blog and others will follow along.  


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Hi I am Sandy,

I was on the program  some years back and now I am starting all over again.I am from the states but living in Canada for 33 years now

I am over 65 and it seems hard to loose weight at this age.I started on the program again 2  weeks ago ..I need some help. The water seems to fill me up then I'm not hungry for a meal.Maybe someone can help me.I am looking for a buddy if someone

is available please let me know.

Thanks Sandy

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Hey Sandy!  Glad you are reaching out in the community.  Let me know how I can help.  I've been following the FL lifestyle since 2009 and I love it!  It's my norm.  As far as the feeling full and not wanting to eat...maybe adjust the times you are drinking the water.  Focus on drinking most of it after your meal and cut back as it gets closer to meal time. You didn't say when and how much you are drinking so that's just a thought.  

I'm always in the chat room on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 central...hope you can join me next week!