Late night snack suggestion's
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Does any one have some good late night snack ideas that aren't too heavy? I have trouble sleeping at night and usually have to get up and add an extra snack. 

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You would want to make this type snack highest in protein to keep you feeling fuller longer and to keep your metabolism burning as you sleep.  I would go with a Luna Protein bar - the one in the brown wrapper - they have more protein than carbs.  Another good option is 0%fat Greek yogurt - plain and add stevia (or your own sweetener) and almonds, chia seeds or berries.  

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Thanks Jackie looks like in on the right track. I usually do non fat Greek yogurt with slivered almonds.I don't have the Luna protein bars but I do have Atkins. I will compare labels and see the difference. I know they always make a fat loss meal or snack. I am also gluten sensitive so will have to check for that. It would be nice to have more variety.

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how do I make popcorn a 'FL snack? or can is that possible? I don't have an air popper?

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3 cups Popsecret homestyle in the bag and 2 mozzarella sticks. I get frustrated sometimes too trying to get that darn plate to turn green. Watch your measurements.  Eg. When I enter eggs, I want 2 large but it will default to cups. So watch carefully to make sure you have the correct units. Hope this helps.

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Hi Kmyway2016,

I also have to eat a PM snack for I go to sleep, what works for me if the Greek plain yogurt and a tbsp of honey. 

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Yes Love the yogurt and popcorn ideas! Thanks ladies :)

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I would sometimes have the same problem. I would eat a slice of cheese about 1 oz and that would help me fall back to sleep. Sometimes 1 TB peanut butter on a slice of bread also worked.

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For any chocolate lovers, the Atkins Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll is great and qualifies as a Fat Loss snack