Jean Nidetch - Weight Watchers Founder Dies at 91
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There is a great obituary online at the New York Times on this great lady and New Yorker. I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s across the river from NYC and we absorbed alot of the media and culture. WW was started in 1963 by Jean and my sister went on that plan in 1965-66?? So it was brand new at the time. My sister still does the program.

She was an innovator and realized the need to match emotional support with a sound diet. Her plan hit a nerve and was a runaway success. I feel that she was a pioneer in weight loss because at the time there were very few healthy ways to lose weight. The "state of the art" has evolved but she got the basics down and on her shoulders, other programs were built.

She maintained her 142 weight on her 5'7" frame her whole life after she lost it. I am the same height as her as was always comfortable at 145 but my goal now is 150.

What a great American and a great lady.