Is anyone here from the 6WBMO forum?
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I came over here from the old 6WBMO site and I am looking for my old friends from there who said they came here. If you remember phoenixfire a.k.a. Holly then that's me. Please pm me. My most active forums were "All Together Now" and "Beauties and the Beast".

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Hi Holly welcome. I am also a former 6wbmo person I sent you a message.


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I was from 6WBMO but am doing the Food Lovers Plan now, which my DH purchased several years ago for us. I will have to alter my carbs due to having diabetes type 2. 


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Hi sweatheart that name sounds familiar, I went by Heidilove from the "Angels At Play"  group. Including Tice, Raven, Fatima and our lost Angel Cowgirl.  Nice to see you here.....


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okay, I am curious, what is 6WBMO??  It was the 6 week body make over by michael may be able to find the program and books on ebay...You can lose up to 30lbs in 6 weeks depending on body type and type of food....i have done it in the past....and then I broke my now..I'm wanting to restart the program again!


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Ok this is ridiculous, I just need 6wbmo info, lost half my stuff, and it works for me, but no where can I find help. I don't want to learn a new diet. PLZ HELP with links for free info about blueprint and the shortcut menu plan n list of foods, I can do the rest on my own from there.