Ideas for Type 2 diabetics
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Just started three days ago. I am looking for meal plans that are designed for diabetics that will help me loose weight but also decrease

my A1C's. I'm also looking for a Buddy that has a similar situation...or not. Encouragement in any form is awesome!

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Welcome to the forum SlimDave.  My wife is a type 2 diabetic.  We haven't done anything special other than change to whole grains and watch what we are eating.   Her sugar level has went from the high 200's to low to middle 100s in 4 weeks.

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Hi SlimDave67,

I just officially started today! So far I haven't seen any of these meals being too horrible for us diabetics. I'm going off of the recipe cards in the 7-day box before I start the 21-day challenge. Of course, as our doctors tell us, it's all about moderation in everything....I'm just hoping that the meals are exciting enough that I don't find myself getting kicked out of a

Keep us up to date on how your levels are doing, and I'll do the same!!

Good luck buddy,

Kim (not so slim)74.

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Hi Arleens

Nice to meet you welcome. Good for you taking charge of your health. Can't wait to see you get off those pills. Love your positive attitude. 


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Currently tapering off my meds down from Glipizide 10 to a hybrid 5mg that me and my doctor created using a regular 2.5 and a sustained released 2.5. Dawn phenomenon has me with a morning high number mostly due to my getting congested when I lie down. Have gotten to this point my eating 90%protein and slow carbs and minimal fast carbs. trying to lose 15 pounds between now and November when I see the endo again- the next bench mark I need to meet before I decide if I want to continue at the 5 mg for a bit longer or go down to 2.5. Activating the muscles with weight training has been key for me as active muscles play an major role in normal glucose maintenance.