I would like to find some Buddies
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I have problems with my back, so my exercises are limited. Will I be able to lose weight with just the 12 min. exercises?

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Oh I love this question!  Yes!  It only takes 12 min. of continued activity to kick you into fat burning mode...that along with resetting your metabolism with the the 21 day metabolism makeover will and you will be a fat burning machine!  

Seriously just a little from my personal journey....prior to beginning FL in 2009....I was skipping breakfast, not snacking and eating salads daily.  I was also going to 1 hour long fitness classes 3-4 times a week.  And I was GAINING weight!.....When I started FL the hardest part for me was to eat breakfast.  I hated breakfast!  lol...it is now my favorite meal of the day!  I also stopped the fitness classes and would do 1 of the 12 min. workouts each morning.  I reached my goal in 6 1/2 months and have maintained it since 2010.   So yes, 12 min. is very beneficial.  

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Thank you so very much. I would love to have you as a Buddy. I see that you have accomplished a lot . I'm 28 days in the program. The first 21 days I lost 5 lbs.  the next week I lost nothing. I'm not discouraged, I've been having problems getting up early enough to do everything before 10:00 @ night. I can't find the Protein powder with 0 sugar.