I'm back...
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Hi. I'm back. I have extreme adrenal fatigue.

I moved to DE from ME for 13 days and found out I had to go back to ME immediately. A long-time friend with no family who I was emergency contact for fell down the stairs with a brain bleed, traumatic brain injury followed by 3 small strokes. Because I no longer had a home in ME, I lived in the ICU - slept, showered, ate there in his room. He was in the media and a private person, so I also had to deal with fans, acquaintances, co-workers, etc. who wanted to visit. I had to say no visitors when I got to ME because the ICU was letting anyone and everyone in, not knowing who anyone was.... and in the process, they overheard his diagnoses from the nurses talking and plastered it all over social media :'-( I am back in DE again and needing to get organized and still will need to deal with his estate over the next year, but I have to deal with my own health as well.

Everything hurts, pure exhaustion, etc. I know how amazing I felt several years ago doing the Smart Technique. I have not moved in the last month sitting in that hospital room and I ate comfort foods :'-( 

I need a buddy... I need help. I'm going to shop today and start tomorrow.

Thank you. <hugs>


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Welcome back, Cheryl!  I'll be in the chat room tonight at 7:30 central.  Hope you can join me.  I'd love to chat and be your buddy!  Hope you are feeling better!