I feel like a stuffed pig. Tooooo much food!
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And I gained 1 lb. the first day.  I don't crave any foods, except perhaps slow carb vegetables.  I only want to loose my belly fat gained once I quit cigarettes and hormones.  I'm 64, 108# and only want to loose about 5#.  I'm 5 ft. short (there is nothing tall about 5 ft!)    I was so uncomfortable by the second day, that I started seeking ways to find the least amount of food to stuff down my throat. Is it okay if proportionally size down the amounts while observing the basics like 2 of these to 1 of those?  And WHY all the fast carbs?  It's nice to know I can introduce back into my life foods I quit eating 45 years ago, but why MUST I eat them on you diet?  My body is accustomed to vegetables, proteins being mostly lean chicken and the like, salads without fatty dressings, whole grain breads and crackers.  I wasn't miserable until I started eating all the food you require.  I don't need to fill myself up like people who are accustomed to downing thousands of calories per day.  My body is accustomed to less than 1000 per day.  Is there a middle road?

Thank you.

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An option that you can do is to maybe just eat the protein and the fast carb. that is one of the options in the book. That would be the only suggestion I have.   however, there are others who are more experienced in the plan who might be able to give other options.   With that said, I would still eat every 3 hours up until 1 hour before bed so your metabolism will stay revved up,

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Why can't I eat the protein, easy for me, and a slow carb, just not so much BULK of the slow carb? 

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Hi 753huh!

Starting the program it does seem like a lot of food. If you feel like it's too much, maybe go over your portions and measure them out for the first weeks or so- you might find that they were slightly "overestimated" at first (that was one of my issues). Snacks can be between 150-250 calories, so choosing a smaller snack can help too. Remember that you don't always have to eat a Fast Carb at meals. A Fat Loss B Plate has 2 servings Slow Carbs and 1 Protein. It sounds like you already had the basics of the Food Lovers lifestyle from your earlier post, I would say trust the program and although it might seem like a lot of food at first, there are ways to tweak it where you can eat snacks and meals that are less heavy; that's the best part of Food Lovers is all the options! Good luck!

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Is there a Version B I didn't find?  The one I copied says 1 portion protein + 3 (not 2) portions of slow carbs.

Another question:  What is the purpose of slow carbs vs fast carbs?   2nd part of this question:  Does either or both have to do with simply filling up my stomach?  

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Once your body gets in fat burning mode I think you will find that the portions and combinations are not too much.  Your body will adjust. But what a great "problem" to have.  No "diet" will give you too much food!  

As far as the fast and slow carbs go...it's all about keep your blood sugar from spiking or dipping to fast and keeping you in fat burning mode.  The fast carbs mixed w/ the fiber of slow carbs, proteins and a fat help slow down the conversion of the fast carbs keeping your glycemic profile at it's best.  There are a lot of factors that determine if a food is a fast or slow carb.  Luckily, Food Lovers has done all the work for us and put them in categories and all we have to do is pick one of each to go with our protein.  With that said...1 fast carb = 2 slow carbs.  So....if you need a slow and fast carb and protein for a Version A plate, you will need 3 slow carbs plus protein for a Version B plate.  You can do a Version C plate occasionally which is protein and 1 fast carb but for the best results it is recommended you do A or B because we need the fiber in slow carbs.

If you are having a really difficult time consuming all the food...do the best you can and try to get at least 300 cal. in your meal by consuming some of each component.  And you want your meal to have at least 12-15 grams protein minimum.  

Hope this helps a bit.


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Man, if you only have to lose 5 lbs, you don't need a diet. You just need to increase your exercise and it will come off in a few months.