Hubby has fast metabolism
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I have a husband who is as skinny as a rail, and is hungry within an hour of leaving the table.  He claims the new cooking methods are the reason, but he was doing the same thing before I changed.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I've got 4 kids who are fine with it, and no problems, and I refuse to cook separate meals unless I absolutely have to!

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Hi lorihall,

I really like what CheckingItOut had to say on this post. Adding additional fat and protein to his plate should help him a bit and also make sure he is drinking plenty of water. I've heard time and time again that thirst can mask itself as hunger. Maybe he just needs to drink more water and adding a bit of fat to his diet wouldn't hurt either. Is he willing to wait out the hunger pang after trying a class of water? If so then it could be a bit of dehydration.

I have 4 kids as well and they love the food I've been preparing. Currently my husband is working out of state so he hasn't had many of my meals, but when he came home for Easter weekend he ate what I prepared and enjoyed it, but also ate a bunch of other stuff that wasn't on the plan because he isn't. He's also not skinny as a rail, but his only issue is a belly likely grown from poor posture and poor eating habits and a beer or two a night for decades.

Well, this is about you and your husband so back to you...

How are you doing on the plan? Are you enjoying yourself and how you are feeling? Maybe you can have him join you in the kitchen while you are preparing the food, sometimes that helps my husband to be more on board with what I'm doing if he gets to help. Hopefully you never have to cook a separate meal for your husband, rather just try adding a little more sauce, another pat of butter or a bigger portion of protein and see if there isn't a difference in a week in his pattern. Hope it helps!

Blessings lorihall, Carmella

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He usually eats extra protein and vegetables, but isn't great about slow carbs.  I haven't done a lot of salad, which has been the easiest way to get them in, because I'm not a big salad eater.  He's got false teeth so has trouble eating, and there are some things that he has more trouble with than others.  He usually doesn't add butter or any extra sauce to anything, and he's very sensitive to anything with salt, which I've cut back on.

He always been a big snacker so I think it be may as much habit as anything else.  I will try some of the ideas though and we'll see how it goes.

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Does he like mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes?  Those would be easy to eat.  I make a delicious sweet potato "puree" for lack of a better description.  I microwave 4 to 5 large ones about 20 minutes (after stabbing about 4 holes in them with an icepick) on one side, then turn them over and do about 10 or so minutes more or until they are really soft all over, no hard spots.

Then I let them cool enough that I can peel them (easier to work with when warm I think) and put them in my food processor.  I don't this is like how grandma would explain...LOL. 

I add about:

4 shakes of pumpkin pie spice In big bottle with big holes in shaker (or to taste)

2 to 3 "PINK" spoonfuls (tiny spoon that comes with it) of Sugar Twin brown sugar (or to taste)

2 dashes of nutmeg from little can

dash of vanilla

And sometimes a squeeze of fresh lemon, if I have one, to brighten up the flavors. 

I whip until smooth and boy, is it good.  Tastes just like pumpkin pie filling.  My mom likes to eat it cold, saying it's like a dessert or  pudding.  I'm thinking about trying to freeze it slightly and see if it's kinda like an ice cream. 

It tastes so sweet from the natural sugars in the sweet potatoes, it feels like it's wrong to eat it.  I never was a sweet potato fan until I started doing them this way.  They are the main carb that I 

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I'll try it when I get some more sweet potatoes.  It does sound good!